Overwatch 2 is off to a bit of a rough start. Even before the game was released last week, fans were concerned with the game’s security requiring a phone number and a battle pass that the original game never needed. Then after the game arrived, fans discovered a litany of technical issues, including one bug that would disconnect Xbox players after unlocking an achievement. And that’s if you could get past the long login queues.

Sadly, another bug was discovered over the weekend that Overwatch 2 players should watch out for. It involves Bastion’s new ultimate ability, where he turns into an artillery cannon instead of a chain-gun turret like he used to in Overwatch 1. Bastion’s new ultimate lets it fire three shells anywhere on the map within eight seconds, incurring large damage over a wide area wherever those shells land. The bug allows Bastion to fire more than three shells. In fact, it allows it to fire as many shells as the player can click within the eight-second timer.

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The bug is pretty easy to repeat too. All you need to do is left-click twice, then press Q and left-click at the same time. One player recommends remapping left-click to another keyboard button just to make the bug easier to pull off.

However, we don’t recommend it as taking advantage of a glitch this bad is definitely cheating, and is grounds for disciplinary action from Overwatch’s moderators. Fans are being encouraged to report players that take advantage of this bug before it gets fixed.

So far, Blizzard hasn’t acknowledged the bug’s existence yet. The last update from Blizzard came on Friday and was mostly aimed at getting those client crashes and login queues resolved. Keep an eye on the Overwatch Twitter account for updates on when this bug will be squashed, and beware Bastion mains in the meantime.

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