Cyberpunk 2077 sequel will be developed primarily by a new CD Projekt Red studio in Vancouver. Several lead devs of the original will be moving to the US as well, to oversee the project and serve as the foundation of its newly assembled division.

Following some pretty big recent reveals by the Polish company, Cyberpunk 2077 key devs shared their excitement for the future, providing further details about the sequel's development. According to quest director Paweł Sasko, alongside the core team of the original, he'll be moving to Boston, "to establish new studio and be the foundation for the North American team." The developer revealed the central idea is to set up a co-work between the Vancouver crew and the devs from Warsaw, to deliver "a banging next game" to fans. CDPR hasn't previously commented on whether any of its Warsaw staff would be moving to the new studio or how many.

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On top of that, Sasko confirmed he's going to focus on the new Cyberpunk project, codenamed Orion, shortly after the Phantom Liberty expansion release. Looks like this will be the game's only expansion after all, and nothing can change this decision anymore.

Lead level designer Miles Tost has clarified that the idea to deliver the full-fledged sequel as soon as possible is one of the major reasons behind only one DLC planned. "There won't be any," he briefly replied to fans still hoping for the second add-on. Instead, Tost said that "Project Orion will be in the best hands with some of our finest CDPR veterans you know," while the company will also seek for new talent to "make an amazing game" it can be proud of.

To wrap things up, we are still years away from Cyberpunk 2077's follow-up, but there are already a few bits to be excited about. For instance, the US-based Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith could be engaged in the production even more, without the need to visit Warsaw as he previously did.

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