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One of the most fun things you can do in Return to Monkey Island is partaking in the game-long trivia sidequest. Early in the game, you can pick up a book of trivia that has a trivia card in it - answering the question correctly gets you a nice shiny check mark, answering it incorrectly makes the card disappear, to be found again on your travels.

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These trivia questions range from the very obvious to the painfully obscure - luckily, you have us, and this guide, to make sure you don't miss a question!

Where To Find Trivia Cards

Trivia cards are scattered throughout the entire game. As you'd expect, they're very small cards often lodged into the sides of buildings or poking out underneath rugs and such - just press the button that highlights all interactable objects on the screen and you'll be able to find them easily.

Most screens in the game have trivia card spawn points. Keep an eye out!

When you pick a trivia card up, it'll be added to your trivia book. Interact with the book in your inventory, and you'll be able to attempt to answer the question.

If you have more than seven unanswered trivia questions in your trivia book, they will not spawn in the environment anymore. Be sure that you're answering trivia cards as you pick them up!

All Trivia Question Answers

The tables below contain the questions and the correct answers for every trivia card in the game. They are organized by the pages that the questions appear on, so scroll down to the pages containing any questions that you are struggling with.

On the left are the questions, and on the right are the responses you should choose.

There are achievements relating to trivia cards: picking up 20 of them will get you the Card Collector achievement, and there are separate achievements for correctly answering 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 questions.

Page 1
The official name of the Voodoo Shop is... The International House of Mojo
Which of these is not an island in Monkey Island 2? Reef Island
The game of Monkey Island used to be called... Mutiny on Monkey Island
Which of these people were not swallowed by a giant manatee? The Marquis de Singe
Captain Kate Capsize... Was wrongly imprisoned on trumped up charges
In the back of the Scumm Bar is... The kitchen
Morgan LeFlay first appeared in... Tales of Monkey Island
Who is the local expert on Loom? Cobb
Which of these ingredients is not needed to get to Monkey Island? Yeast
Wally's shop is on: Low Street
Page 2
The Mêlée Island circus was run by: The Fettucini Brothers
In Monkey Island 2, who had a glass bottom boat? Kate Capsize
Scurvy Island is famous for: Limes
What word is the curator asking for when solving the crossword puzzle? Pirate
The Voodoo Lady's name is: Corina
Which of these ingredients is not required to make a voodoo doll? Something of the Bread
The Mad Monkey was... A sunken ship
How many prisoners are in the Ice Quarry? 21
Largo LaGrande's catchphrase was: Wherever you go, on sea or land, you can't ever hide, from Largo LaGrande!
Guybrush often tries to distract people with the following: Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!
Page 3
Ron Gilbert started working at Lucasfilm games in... 1985
David Fox started working at Lucasfilm games in... 1982
Dave Grossman started working at Lucasfilm games in... 1989
How many pirates are in the Scumm Bar at the beginning? Eight
How many dead pirates are in the abandoned camp on Terror Island? Three
Below the cliff on Monkey Island is: Pain, only pain
Guybrush wears... Boxers
The original Monkey Island was first released on: IBM PC
The development of the original Monkey Island took... 9 months
The first game to use the SCUMM system: Maniac Mansion
Page 4
What bird is on the crest of Brrr Muda? Parrot
The volcano on Monkey Island is filled with... Water
The Brrr Muda customs form has how many questions? 33
The name of the sheriff in Monkey Island 1 was: Shinetop
The parrot on the Brrr Muda seal is holding... Swords
Herman Toothrot first appeared in: Secret of Monkey Island
What type of cake isn't Otis' favorite? Carrot cake
Blood Island is home to: The Goodsoup Hotel
How many fish are in the fish school underneath LeChuck's ship when it's anchored? Eleven
How long can Guybrush hold his breath under water in this game? 8 minutes
Page 5
At the end of Monkey Island 1, LeChuck was defeated with: Root beer
Production for Monkey Island 1 happened at: Skywalker Ranch
Production for Monkey Island 2 happened at: A Building
How many named books are there in the Mansion's bookshelf? Seven
What is carved into a tree on the beach on Monkey Island? L + E
How many windows are lit on the governor's mansion? Eighteen
In the Scurvydog Shack, there is a giant... Fly
Flags on the midway are... Red and yellow
Flowers by the bench are... Purple
How long does it take to walk to Monkey Island? 6 minutes
Page 6
How many mop trees are there? Two
The crate in the hold has what on the front? Cross
The acronym for the Marley scurvy foundation is: STAPL
Which of the following cannot be bought in the Scurvydog Shack? Steamin' Weenies
Which of the following books cannot be found on Carla's bookshelf? Piracy for Dummies
The duck in the park can be fed: Bread
Dee rambles on and on about: Anchors
Which is a genuine skull name? Do-rothy
Which of these cannot be found on the ocean floor? A whale bone
Who is the editor of the Pirate Times? Conrad Lee
Page 7
Whose wedding veil can be found in LeChuck's cabin? Elaine's
In what room is the ground constantly swirling? LeChuck's cabin
What does Guybrush say when landing at an island? Nothing
How many different geckos can you spot at the Monkey Head location? Eight
What does the sign at the Monkey head location say? Pirvate Property
The ghost chicken with digestive trouble is called: Molly
What is the LeShip's cat's name? Scruffles
What's the first rule of the Mêlée jail? No escaping
How many torches are initially burning on Brrr Muda? Ten
What sea creature can be seen swimming below from the LeShip's crow's nest? Shark
Page 8
How many hermit crabs have made their home on Barebones Island? Two
The coat of arms on the Brrr Muda Ice Castle features the following: A sword and two fish
The bird on Scurvy Island beach is a: Scarlet plumed point and snip bird
What animal is featured on Bella Fisher's ship? A dog
What is the name of the roguish pirate in Herman's favorite book? Reginald
How many crows are in the LeShip's crow's nest? Zero
What ocean species can not be found in the fish shop on Mêlée? Squid
Odina is the ____ reigning queen of Brrr Muda. Ninth
Due to an outbreak of scurvy, all ships heading north of Scurvy Island are required to carry: Limes
Stan's accountant is named: Ned
Page 9
What does the Terror Island gate sign say? XYZZY
Where is Cogg Island located? See below for the solution to this puzzle!
How many parrots are next to the Scurvydog Shack? One
How many ship masts can be seen in the street with the sleeping pirate? Three
The Scurvydog vendor... Is near-sighted
What does Guybrush specifically dislike? Mushrooms
What is next to a dead end on Terror Island? A leaning tree
Where can you find brambles? Terror Island
How many skeletons are in the water on the Terror Island beach? Two
What cannot be found on the sea floor? An old diving suit

Initially, the second question on page nine will have four incorrect answers: It's lost to history, It's just lore, Somewhere, and It's a myth. After completing the game at least once on your current profile, one of these answers is replaced with a randomized coordinate - this is the correct answer. You can sail to this coordinate in Act 4 to find Cogg Island and get an achievement.

Page 10
Which of these is not in the park? Seesaw
Chuckie's friend loves her: Slingshot
How many stone monkeys are in the first ring? Four
How many stone monkeys are in the second ring? Three
How many stone monkeys are in the third ring? Three
On the door of the outhouse is a... Moon
Chuckie's friend is called: Dee
How many hot air balloons can be seen from the park? Two
The couple in the park are feeding a... Duck
In the park there is a... All of these

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