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Potion Permit puts you in the shoes of a chemist who has just moved to a new town - Moonbury. The residents here are very quick to express their distrust of you and your organization, so your welcome is frosty to say the least.

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That's not to say you can't make friends, though! With a little bit of effort and some good ol' fashioned strategic gift-giving, you have the opportunity to ingratiate yourself into this tight-knit community and become the new heart of Moonbury. Who knows, you might even find love!

How To Increase Your Friendship Level

As with most games of the genre, there are actually a few different ways to get closer to the residents of Moonbury.

  • Talking with someone will give you a slight boost to your friendship. This can be done once a day.
  • Treating someone in your clinic gives you a significant boost to your friendship with them. This can, obviously, only be done when they are sick. Make sure you treat them quickly!
  • Gifting someone some Moon Cloves gives you a significant boost to your friendship with them. These are rare items, and in Moonbury, they are known for their significance as gifts. These are the only items you can give as gifts in Potion Permit, unlike games such as Stardew Valley.

Once you have filled a person's friendship bar to the maximum, you will need to upgrade your trust level with them to be able to increase it any further.

Every time you reach a new trust level, the new, empty friendship bar will take more effort to fill.

How To Get Moon Cloves

Moon Cloves are by far the most convenient way to boost your relationship with a character. Unfortunately, there are only really two ways to get them:

  • You'll get one bag of Moon Cloves whenever you treat a patient in your clinic.
  • Some quests in the game will reward you with either one or two bags of Moon Cloves when you complete them. Note that you won't be able to tell which quests reward you with Moon Cloves until you actually complete them.

As they are quite limited, be sure that you use your Moon Cloves wisely! Consider gifting them to characters that you don't see often or who have erratic schedules, such as Matheo or Ottmar, or give them to your intended romance partner to expedite the process.

How To Upgrade Your Trust Level

Once you fill a character's friendship bar, it will get locked with a padlock icon. This indicates that you have to complete a task, which will increase your trust rank with that character. These take the form of quests or events, and you can view their starting conditions on any of the noticeboards dotted around Moonbury, like any other event.

Some of these quests will involve crafting a potion of some kind for the character, other quests simply have you viewing some events.

Note that these quests do not become available immediately after filling out a character's friendship bar. You'll have to go to sleep and start the next day, first.

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