Potion Permit helps you fulfill many fantasies - helping out an entire community with chemistry knowledge, earning a steady income without putting much effort into a career, and perhaps most important of all: owning a dog. This is especially true for those of us who aren't lucky enough to own a pet in real life.

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Just as you have a relationship meter with all the residents of Moonbury (including the cat!), you have a relationship meter with your dog, who you will name at the beginning of the game. While it starts out completely empty, you have two ways to boost it, petting them and feeding them.

How To Feed Your Dog

One thing you'll quickly notice about your dog is that, unlike many video game pets, they will require feeding. To do this, you'll need to either purchase foodstuffs from one of the local purveyors of such things, make meals yourself in your kitchen, or forage for food outside Moonbury.

When your dog is hungry, they will constantly whine at you and will not be able to run as fast as usual. This makes them very unhelpful, especially if you need them to dig up some specific items from mounds or locate an NPC.

Early on in the game, you won't have many resources. Buying food daily is prohibitively expensive when you should be saving up for upgrades, and unlocking the kitchen shouldn't really be your main priority. As a result, foraging is your best option.

There are two foodstuffs you can get with only the first section of Meadow Range unlocked: Mushrooms and Honey.

  • There are a few Mushrooms dotted around the area - learn their locations, as they'll respawn in the same spots every day. Use a scythe to harvest them.
  • Honey is dropped by Honeypaws, the bear-like enemies you can find in Meadow Range. The scythe is the best tool to use to beat Honeypaws as it swings faster than your other tools.
    • Honeypaws can also drop Bear's Claws, which are very useful ingredients for potion making thanks to its three horizontal tiles.

Another good option for easily acquired food is White Meat, which can be fished up south of the town hall once you've acquired the Fishing Rod.

To actually feed these items to your dog, you'll need to call them over. This is done with the Whistle button, which is mapped to the right trigger by default. Once your dog has run to you and sat on the ground, you can interact with them and feed them.

Your dog has likes and dislikes, and their relationship meter will only increase if you feed them foods they enjoy. Luckily, Mushrooms and Honey are both enjoyed by the dog, so you can reliably use only these until the end of the game, if you so wished.

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