Back in March, a list of codenames unearthed by a dataminer suggested various new Xbox products. The dataminer, Tero Alhonen, discovered something called "Keystone" which was listed as a "product" and it was listed directly below "Durango" and "Scarlett".

Scarlett was a codename for the Xbox Series X, while Durango was used as a codename for the Xbox One. Now in a picture shared by the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, it could be that we have gotten our first glimpse of this Xbox Keystone. In fact, one well-known Microsoft correspondent is sure of it.

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Tom Warren, The Verge's resident Microsoft reporter, said that Phil Spencer "has just revealed the company's dedicated Xbox game streaming device". The reveal came via this photo shared on Phil Spencer's Twitter account (click on the pic to expand):

The console can be seen sitting on the top shelf next to an Xbox One controller. It's handy that it's placed next to the controller because we get a sense of scale, and it looks like the device will be even smaller than the already compact Xbox Series S.

This "Keystone" product will use the Xbox Cloud Gaming service to provide Xbox games. It's been known that Microsoft has had an Xbox streaming device in the works, and some had predicted it would be a cloud-streaming stick that could be plugged into an HDMI port. But the device shown in the photo looks a little more substantial than that and Warren says it will be more of a box that attaches to monitors or TVs.

It's rumored that the Xbox game streaming product will be aimed at an even cheaper price point than the Xbox Series S and will likely include media apps such as Netflix. According to inside sources cited by Warren, the Xbox team is still working on the product and has plans to bring it to market.

Microsoft is taking it up a notch with the cloud for Xbox as new Samsung TVs and monitors released this year come with an Xbox TV app. This allows users to launch games from Xbox Cloud Gaming to stream games at 1080p at up to 60fps. But Microsoft is working on its own dedicated device and now we have our first glimpse of the product.

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