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Demon Prince is the second phase of the boss fight in the Ringed City DLC in Dark Souls 3. In the first phase, you will face Demon in Pain and Demon from Above at the same time. Trying to manage both demons simultaneously will be challenging throughout the first phase. After defeating the two lesser Demons, you will face the Demon Prince.

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The arena is located inside a pit located beneath a ledge in Dreg Heap. Defeating the boss is not required to acquire any of the endings. Here is all you need to know about Demon Prince.

Demon Prince Overview

Demon Prince Overview
Location Dreg Heap
Optional No
  • 100,000 Souls
  • Soul of the Demon Prince
Weak To Physical Slash Attack

Demon Prince is located within the Dreg Heap. The fight is not optional and is mandatory if you want to face all the DLC bosses. To reach the boss, you must proceed forward from the Within the Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire and drop into the pit below. You can summon Slave Knight Gael for this fight, whose summon sign is beside the bonfire. Amnesiac Lapp is another summonable NPC you can summon at the end of the ledge before dropping down.

Defeating the boss will earn you 100,000 Souls and the Soul of the Demon Prince. You can transpose the soul to make Demon's Scar (a curved sword) or Seething Chaos (a pyromancy).

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Demon Prince Attacks

Demon in Pain & Demon from Below will be the first phase of the fight. Both demons have a wide range of attacks that are not hard to dodge but difficult to avoid when both focus on you. Once you beat both Demons, the second phase of the fight starts.

Demon Prince is the second phase of the fight. The Prince has numerous empowered attacks and can fly, making it hard to hit at times.

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The fight starts with the player facing both demons simultaneously. Demon from Below specializes in fire-type attacks, while Demon in Pain has numerous poison breath attacks. Only one demon will be glowing red at a time, insinuating that it is the fire-based one. It is best to wear armor with high fire resistance and equip Flame Stoneplate Ring. You can also bring multiple Purple Moss Clumps to cure poison if you get inflicted with it.

Despite there being two bosses, both of them have slow attacks, which are easy to dodge and can be countered for extra damage. You must stay focused throughout the fight and watch carefully for all the attacks performed by each of them. After dodging each attack, you should get a few hits while being observant of what the other demon is doing.

Do not get greedy for extra hits, as that can leave you vulnerable.

Both bosses are weak to slashes on the head. This can lead to them being staggered and giving you the opportunity to perform a critical hit. Whenever Demon in Pain starts to spew poison trials or its poison breath, you can get near its head and deal damage.

Focusing on the flaming one should be your first priority. This is because when the second one dies, Demon Prince will rise from that body and take on its moveset. Throughout the fight, stamina management will be key to your survival and victory. After every counterattack, you should have enough stamina to roll out three to four times out of harm's way. If you are out of stamina, the bosses can shower you with fireballs and claw attacks that can take out your health in two hits.

After both bosses die, the second phase will commence, and Demon Prince will take the stage. He has wings that allow him to fly around the arena and can cause endless fireballs and chaos orbs at the player. A lot of attacks he has are similar to phase one attacks of the demons but are enhanced.

In the second phase, Prince has a wide variety of attacks. Some of the attacks also differ depending on which demon died last. He starts off the phase with a large AoE explosion which players should stay away from. Most of the attacks have an easy tell allowing you to react accordingly.

Prince is quite easy if you can manage to stay close whenever he casts Fire from Above or Fire Beam. His output damage is extremely high, but other than that, his attacks are easy to dodge and do not feel that challenging after facing two demons in the first phase.

If you are planning on doing the fight as a Pyromancer, then this will feel near impossible for you. This is mainly because all the demons, including the Prince, have incredibly high resistance to all fire attacks. This makes fire pyromancies feel useless against them and prolongs the fight. However, you can make use of Dark Fire pyromancies. Spamming Dark Fire Orb at the demons will allow you to whittle down their health bar faster.

You can make use of Great Swamp Ring and Dark Clutch Ring to increase your pyromancy damage output tremendously.

Bringing summonable NPCs is highly advised for this fight. This is especially the case for ranged casters such as Sorcerers. Both Lapp and Gael are good summons because they constantly heal themselves and can aggro the boss. This allows the player to cast constant spells on the boss.

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