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In Temtem, you will be able to catch and tame a variety of unique creatures as you explore the Airborne Archipelago. Eventually, you will unlock the ability to use the Saipark, where you can catch a variety of Temtem you may not have seen before.

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Because you can encounter Temtem from all over the Archipelago here, the Saipark is great for finding rare Temtem you may not normally see until much later in the game. However, taming Temtem in the Saipark works differently than other areas of the game, so let's take a look at how to do so, as well as everything else you need to know about this area.

Where To Find Saipark

Saipark is located on Deniz, just to the left of the Prasine Coast. Although it can be found on the first island, you won't be able to access this area until you have obtained the Rock-hopping Hook, which is found on Tucma, the third island.

From Briçal de Mar, head down along the path until you can go to the left, then hop over the long ledge with your Rock-hopping gear. This will place you at the Saipark reception area, where you can learn how the service works.

How To Tame In The Saipark

Saipark bonuses for Sep 26 - Oct 2, 2022

In Saipark, two random Temtem will be chosen each week to be featured. These will be the same for all players, and will not include starters, or Temtem that have a five or ten percent encounter rate, like Nessla or Kinu.

Additionally, each week, the featured Temtem will either have increased Luma encounter rates, better SVs, and chances for Egg Moves. These bonuses appear on alternating weeks, with one week being increased Luma rates, then the next being better stats.

The main rule of Saipark is that you can't use your own Temcards to tame Temtem here. Instead, you must use Saipark-specific cards called Saicards. These can be obtained when paying the entrance fee to enter the park, and at the mini-Temporium in the park if you need more. Entering Saipark each week costs an entrance fee of Pansuns, and comes bundled with a few Saicards. If you need more Cards, you'll need to purchase them for more Pansuns.

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