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Shortly after embarking on your journey to become the strongest Tamer in Temtem, you will be able to start collecting StickTem, collectible stickers of Temtem and important characters that are hidden throughout the world. Showing a certain NPC your collection as it grows will reward you with unique gear and items.

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On the first island, Deniz, there are a total of 56 stickers to find. Keep in mind that while the location of the stickers is the same for everyone, the sticker you find there is random. Additionally, even after collecting every single StickTem on each island, you won't have enough mint-condition stickers to completely fill your album. This means that you'll need to trade your damaged stickers to other players to fill out your album. Now, let's take a look at where to find every StickTem on Deniz.

StickTems are found in small sparkling white spots on the ground. If you come across one of these locations, interact with it to find the sticker.

How To Unlock The StickTem Album

The sticker album can be unlocked early in the game, after making your way to the Thalassian Cliffs. Here, in the house by a small pond, you can talk to Feriha to receive the album. She will explain the mechanics of collecting and trading StickTems, and will even reward you upon reaching certain milestones of stickers placed in your album.

Return to Feriha after reaching these milestones to get unique gear and items.

Zadar Sticker Locations

Prasine Coast Sticker Locations

Sillaro River Sticker Locations

Briçal de Mar Sticker Locations

Thalassian Cliffs Sticker Locations

Arissola Sticker Locations

Aguamarina Caves Sticker Locations

You will need the Crystal Skates to access parts of this area, which can be obtained on the second island. The Crystal Skates will become unavailable for a period of time after the third island, so be sure to grab these stickers now (and do any exploring in the Caves) before continuing with the main story after the second island.

Gifted Bridges Sticker Locations

Windward Fort Sticker Locations

Saipark Sticker Locations

You will need the Rock-hopping Hook to access the Saipark, which can be acquired on the third island.

Saipark Caves Sticker Locations

Turquesa Sticker Locations

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