MultiVersus season one has officially begun, and a week from now it will usher in its first new character in the form of Morty. Dataminers have been busy trying to figure out who might be coming next, outside of those who have already been confirmed, and voice lines in the game's files point to Beetlejuice and The Wicked Witch from The Wizard Of Oz.

The files were discovered and shared by AisulMV on Twitter (thanks, VGC). Most of the voice acting in MultiVersus has been done by actors who have voiced those characters in some way in the past, such as Maisie Williams providing the lines for Arya Stark. Beetlejuice appears to be no different and seems to be voiced by Christopher Swindle. That's the same actor who voiced the character in Lego Dimensions.

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Some of the lines of dialogue discovered for Beetlejuice appear to have been the first indicators that The Wicked Witch will be getting in on the MultiVersus fun too. Some of what the pinstriped movie character says includes “I’ve teamed up with a green-skinned angel” and “Ooh ooh, can I have the little dog this time? I’m hungry”. Perhaps an indicator that Dorothy and Toto will be joining the game at a later date.

If that wasn't evidence enough that one of the most iconic villains in cinema will become a part of the MultiVersus roster, announcer lines for The Wicked Witch have also been unearthed. The leaked lines come on the same day that Warner Bros. confirmed plans for a Wizard Of Oz remake. As for when we might see the creepy pair arrive in-game, Halloween seems the most likely landing spot assuming season one runs for that long.

The are a number of characters presumably coming before that, though. Morty first, as mentioned above, and then Rick who has already been showing up in lobbies by mistake. The imminent arrivals of Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins have also been confirmed. The characters' additions to MultiVersus leaked slightly ahead of time when the season one startup screen found its way online before the update had gone live.

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