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Frozen is one of the most famous titles from Disney, and now you have a way to hang out with the characters from the movie in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is a life simulator that has a ton of Disney characters to unlock while you deal with The Forgetting plaguing the beautiful land.

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Anna had a big impact in Frozen as she was one of the few people Elsa would listen to. While you're doing the quest required to unlock her, you'll feel the same way. It's one of the few character quests that feature two characters at the same time, even though you only unlock one at the end of it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently in Early Access, and everything mentioned in this guide is subject to change.

How To Unlock Anna's Quest

Unfortunately, you can't really unlock Anna if you've just started playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. This requires a bit of setup, apart from 4,000 Dreamlight which can already be significantly hard to get. Here's everything you require to unlock this character:

  • Firstly, you'll need to progress the main story with Merlin up until you unlock the Dream Castle. This will require 2,000 Dreamlight after you've acquired all the Royal Tools. Here, you can unlock one of the doors at the bottom level for free.
  • Unfortunately, none of these doors belong to the Frozen realm. After you're done with the cutscene, you can head up the steps and the middle door on the second level is what you're looking for. This is where you'll have to spend another 4,000 Dreamlight to get rid of the thorns.

While you can already finish this quest as soon as you unlock the realm, it is recommended to progress a fair bit in the main story beforehand. This involves unlocking the Forest of Valor because that's where her house is located.

Further, you can also finish the main story quest in Glade of Trust called The Curse. This will have a specific aspect that will be mentioned once you bring Anna to the valley, making it feel much better.

How To Get Anna In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you've unlocked the required door and entered the Frozen realm, a cutscene will trigger showing both Elsa and Anna. Here, you'll go on a nostalgic journey as you figure out what threw The Spirit of Nature out of balance. After the cutscene, you can talk to Anna.

She will give you Fireproof Gloves and ask you to look for Bruni, the fire spirit. The forest is engulfed in flames, and you'll have to use your Royal Watering Can to get rid of the flames by getting close to them. Keep following the path until you see a moving ball of fire on the ground.

Whenever the moving fire comes on your screen, the quest will change and ask you to catch Bruni, letting you know that you've seen it. Get close to the Spirit, and it'll be captured automatically. Hand Bruni over to Anna for the next part of the quest.

She'll tell you that a rock giant has decided to take a nap in the middle of the path you're supposed to take to find Elsa. To wake him up, you need to make something that has enough smell to it. For this, you'll require the following items:

  • Three Craggy Rocks
  • One Basil
  • One Oregano

Craggy Rocks are exclusive items found only in the Frozen realm. You can find them shining along the edges of the pathway, as shown above. For Basil and Oregano, you don't have to leave the realm to get them as far as you have one of each in any of your storage.

Head back to the beginning of the realm, and you'll find yourself a stove to cook on. Add the ingredients mentioned above, and you'll have a Stone Soup in your hands. The next step is to find the actual place where the rock giant is snoozing around.

This area can be particularly hard to find because the giant blends really well with the other rock structures. Instead, you can try to find the pedestal shown in the picture above, since this is where you have to place the soup.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't show the giant actually getting up and moving away. Once you talk to Anna after placing the soup, a transition will trigger, opening the blocked path. Here, you'll be using your Royal Shovel and Pickaxe, so make sure you have a bunch of energy.

The path will be blocked with multiple ditches and stone piles. You don't have to clear all of them, just enough to create a path for you and Anna to get to the other side. Once you're at the correct place, the quest will change once again.

After clearing the broken path, the river ahead will be flooded making it impossible to reach Elsa on the other side. Being so close to your final goal, you'll have to look around and find a pond with golden puddles in it.

This is very hard to miss, and you'll have to use your final Royal tool, the Fishing Rod here. Once you've carried out the task, you'll find Anna's engagement ring that was upsetting the Spirit of Water. Give the ring to Anna while the path to Elsa opens up.

Elsa will tell you that she's worried about the Spirit of Wind, the final spirit in the realm. In order to calm it, you'll need a bunch of items:

  • Softwood - To create three wind chimes, you'll need 15 Softwood. Since you need to head back out to find these items, another portal leading you to Dream Castle spawns behind Elsa. Softwood can be found lying all around the valley.
  • Iron Ingot - This item requires you to unlock Glade of Trust, Forest of Valor, or further regions. Mining the black rocks along the edges of these areas will give you Iron Ore, and five of these can be combined with one Coal at the crafting table to get one Iron Ingot.
  • Twine - This is another item exclusive to the Frozen realm, and Elsa will simply give them to you when she asks you to make Wind Chimes.

After you've created three Wind Chimes in the Functional Items tab at any Crafting Table, head back into the Frozen realm from the Dream Castle. Unfortunately, this will spawn you at the very beginning, and you'll have to make your way to Elsa again.

Once you're there, talk to her and get close to the trees nearby to see the sparkle effect on them. You can place one of the Wind Chimes on each of these trees, and a cutscene will trigger showing the final spirit calming down and the weather in the realm becoming better.

In the end, Elsa will tell you that the valley doesn't have a place for her at the moment, and you can ask Anna to come with you. After talking to Anna at the beginning area of the realm and inviting her, you need to exit the realm and the Dream Castle to unlock her.

At this point, you'll be able to tell her about Kristoff's memories being gone during The Curse quest, which is the reason finishing that quest was recommended before trying to unlock Anna.

Anna Friendship Rewards

Once you unlock a character, they'll start at level one, and you can upgrade them up to level ten. Apart from different friendship quests, each level will give you a special friendship reward to flaunt your friendship with Anna.

To upgrade your friendship quickly, you can talk to the characters and give them the three featured gifts every day to get extra EXP. Further, you can assign a special task to them at level two, which can give you extra EXP as well.

Here are all the rewards you'll earn at different levels of Anna's friendship:

Friendship Level Reward
Level 1 Unlocks Anna, and the ability to unlock Elsa in the future
Level 2 Unlocks a decorative door skin that you can apply to the doors in your house
Level 3 Unlocks a white overlay that can be applied to your customized clothes
Level 4 Unlocks 500 Star Coins
Level 5 Unlocks a beautiful bed skin for your home
Level 6 Unlocks another custom outfit overlay
Level 7 Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins
Level 8 Unlocks a banner for decoration
Level 9 Unlocks a crest overlay for customized clothes
Level 10 Unlocks an elegant green-yellow dress for your character

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