If you think Fortnite is running out of movies, games, and real-life people to collaborate with, think again. Five years on from its launch, Fortnite finally appears to be crossing over with Doctor Who. A team-up with so much potential that if it does turn out to be the real deal, it's a wonder it has taken this long for the two parties involved to make it happen.

FNBRintel was the first account to reveal a Doctor Who crossover appears to be in the works. However, the evidence discovered suggests the collab is still in early development, so it'll be a few months until fans get to see and experience it. On the bright side, Shiina, another renowned Fortnite leaker, has also chimed in and further confirmed the crossover is the real deal.

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Crediting FNBRintel for the reveal, Shiina not only corroborated the report but claims to have been shown evidence of it. No word on what exactly that evidence was, but those two tweets alone suggest this will be a lot more than a backbling and a pickaxe. Expect a few skins at the very least if and when it eventually happens, and potentially an LTM or at least a few elements from the Doctor Who universe dotted around the island.

There are a number of items and characters from throughout Doctor Who history that feel like great fits for Fortnite's Loop. Daleks as NPCs are a must, and the same goes for Cybermen. When it comes to potential skins, take your pick. Various doctors from throughout history, potentially including Ncuti Gatwa whose first appearances as the Doctor will have likely been filmed by the time this crossover is made official.

As for Fortnite news that has been officially confirmed, Rocket League's Octane is available in Creative right now, and Fortnitemares returns in time for Halloween next week. The appearance of an ominous grandfather clock in Fortnite's files also has some convinced a second Stranger Things collab is finally in the offing.

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