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It's time for another Pokemon Go limited-time event, this time with a unique theme compared to others. The popular, free-to-play mobile is celebrating their own version of Fashion Week, making several stylish Pokemon available to those who participate.

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Taking place from Tuesday, September 27, at 10am, to Monday, October 3, at 8pm, you can expect to encounter and enjoy countless themed Pokemon during this event window. With these changes and bonuses spanning across many aspects of Pokemon Go, there is much to learn about this event if you wish to make the most of it — don't worry, we've got you covered.

Pokemon Debuts

Two Pokemon will be making their debut during the event. You will be able to encounter and catch Mareanie for the first time, and evolve it to Toxapex, another Pokemon not available to players before this event. Make sure that you catch it as soon as possible, as you will need 50 Mareanie Candy to evolve it — earning those from walking with Mareanie as your buddy will not be cheap.

Additionally, there will be several Pokemon appearing with stylish outfit variations for the first time during Pokemon Go Fashion Week. These include:

  • Absol
  • Diglett
  • Dugtrio
  • Toxicroak

Wild Encounters

As with most events, you can expect a change in the Pokemon that you typically find in the wild while adventuring in a given location. Each of these Pokemon will either be stylish in nature, or wearing an event-themed fashionable costume.

Wild Encounter Pokemon
Butterfree* Murkrow Glameow
Croagunk* Blitzle* Gothita
Frillish (F) Furfrou Mareanie
Diglett* Kirlia* Absol*

* = These Pokemon will appear with the fashion week variant outfits.

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Similarly, Pokemon appearing in Raids of different tiers during this event will be different from usual, also following the fashion theme. These are the Raid Pokemon you can expect to find:

Raid Pokemon Raid Tier
Diglett* One-Star Raid
Shinx* One-Star Raid
Croagunk* One-Star Raid
Scraggy One-Star Raid
Furfrou One-Star Raid
Butterfree* Three-Star Raid
Kirlia* Three-Star Raid
Absol* Three-Star Raid
Mareanie Three-Star Raid
Yveltal Five-Star Raid
Mega Lopunny Mega Raid

* = These Pokemon will appear wearing fashionable costumes


Pokemon obtained through Egg hatching will also be different during the event window, with the following Pokemon hatching with the fashionable costume from 7km Eggs.

  • Diglett
  • Smoochum
  • Shinx
  • Croagunk

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Timed Research

There will be special event-themed Timed Research available during this event. Completing these tasks will earn you an encounter with one of the following Pokemon, again with their stylish variant outfits.

  • Diglett
  • Absol
  • Croagunk

Field Research Task Encounters

You can obtain event-themed Field Research tasks by visiting and spinning PokeStops during the event window. Completing each of these tasks will earn you an encounter with one of many event-themed Pokemon:

Eevee Murkrow
Skitty Glameow
Croagunk* Blitzle*
Furfrou Mareanie

* = These Pokemon will appear wearing fashionable costumes

Avatar Items And Other Bonuses

As always, there are several event-themed avatar items that can be purchased from the in-game shop, both during the event and after it has concluded.

Additionally, when taking snapshots of Pokemon during the event, you can expect to encounter an event-themed surprise. Make sure you get the camera out!

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