The MCU marches on, and while She-Hulk isn't over quite yet, the hype train for Marvel's next trip to the cinema is very much in full swing. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hit theaters on November 11, and the latest trailer for the much-anticipated sequel features first looks at the MCU's Iron Heart and the new Black Panther.

The trailer kicks off with hints at how exactly Disney and Marvel will handle the passing of Chadwick Boseman. The Black Panther actor passed away in 2020, and it appears Wakanda Forever will include a funeral to signify that the T'Challa character has passed away in the MCU. It hasn't been confirmed who will take the Black Panther mantle, but a first look at the mystery heir is shown right at the end of the trailer.

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Despite a lack of confirmation as to who the new Black Panther will be, the first look in the trailer below further confirms the belief that Shuri will be stepping into the new suit. The new Panther look wasn't the only super suit shown off in the trailer. Iron Heart was also shown, a new hero coming to the MCU inspired by the work of Tony Stark's Iron Man.

As you can see, Riri Williams' Iron Heart suit shares a lot of similarities with Stark's, but will probably need some fine tuning. No better place for that than Wakanda, hence the new hero making her debut in the Black Panther sequel. The threat Wakanda faces fills up the bulk of the trailer, as a warrior from the deep will attempt to wage war above the surface.

Iron Heart won't be the only new character introduced to the MCU via Wakanda Forever who might have larger implications on its future. Namor will also enter the fray, and Tenoch Huerta, the actor who will play him, has already revealed his mutant comic origins will be canon on the big screen. Another mutant in the MCU as we seemingly move closer to that X-Men reboot.

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