More than a year since we first got the news that Charles Martinet wouldn't be voicing Mario in the Super Mario Bros. movie, we finally got a short clip of Chris Pratt's take on the character this week. It's safe to say that his performance is divisive, as Pratt pretty much sounds like his usual self, not like the plumber we've heard in the games for 30 years now.

However, quality isn't the only concert. Many have criticized the studio for recasting Mario at all, feeling that it's an insult to Martinet and voice actors as a whole. Now, breaking his silence for the first time since the trailer's premiere, Martinet is thanking fans for the outpouring of support he has received in the past few days, suggesting he is also disappointed not to be voicing Mario.

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Martinet's response to fans comes from a reply to fellow voice actor, Tara Strong. Strong, who has previously been recast herself, has been outspoken against Pratt's casting. When the trailer dropped, she encouraged her followers to send some love to Martinet (thanks, Nintendo Life).

"Thank you everybody! Your love and kindness mean more than you could ever know," says Martinet. "My little eyes seem to be leaking today… with tender affection. Thank you…"

Hundreds of fans have responded to Strong's initial call to arms, sharing pictures and stories from when they've met Martinet at various conventions over the years.

In better news for fans of Martinet, it doesn't sound like his voice is going anywhere in the games. The long-time voice actor recently said that he plans to play Mario for the rest of his life, so he's clearly planning on getting more recording sessions in, even in a post-Pratt world.

However, Mario's new voice isn't the only problem. As we covered the other day, fans are concerned that the plumber's ass isn't big enough. And as wild as that sounds, they do have a point. His cheeks have been nerfed. The cake is gone. It's tragic. Hell, even Sonic was making fun of it. It's a mess.

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