Pokemon dropped a 14-minute trailer for Scarlet & Violet revealing all sorts of details about the upcoming games last week. However, some fans looked past the official reveals and noticed an unofficial one hidden in the minimap. Indicators of three new Pokemon, one of which some people now believe is actually one Pokemon made up of two identical animals.

The three pictures on the minimap players spotted were two white mice, a green parrot, and a rock house. The first opinions that split Pokemon players were whether the house is a strange new monster, or if it's just a marker for a location you need to visit. The next discussion revolves around the mice which some people now seem to think are one Pokemon rather than two of the same type near each other.

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Trainers have been theorizing that the two mice are one Pokemon on Twitter, with Centro Leaks claiming that is indeed the case. The account has leaked a number of details about the upcoming games, many of which have gone on to be officially revealed. That includes Scarlet & Violet having a lack of Pokemon breeding, although last week's trailer teased a new mechanic when a trainer discovered an egg in their picnic basket.

As we near the 1,000 mark on the Pokedex, Pokemon creators have a tough job on their hands creating fictional creatures that we have never seen before. However, multiple creatures representing one Pokemon certainly isn't new. Dugtrio, Exeggcute, and Falinks are a few examples of one Pokemon made of more than one living thing. The unnamed twin mice might well be the first single Pokemon made of more than one monster that isn't physically connected, though.

As for details that were confirmed in the trailer rather than just teased or spotted, EXP sharing was shown, as was a machine that will allow trainers to create their very own TMs. Not to mention the first look at Farigaraf, Girafarig's evolved form.

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