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Keeping yourself organised in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be tricky. The magic-infused adventure game sees you juggling multiple friendship quests and main storyline missions, so it's only natural that all the items you farm, grow, and scavenge on the way can leave you with one heavy backpack.

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If you've got stone and sand piles coming out of your eyes, you may want to see a doctor about that. Alternatively, let's check out some tips and tricks that will help you master your inventory management skills in no time, leaving you plenty of space to store those strange bits and bobs from across the Valley.

How To Sort And Build Chests

Everyone starts with one inventory chest in their small townhouse in The Plaza and a few rows of backpack space to carry key items around. One way to save yourself some room is to understand which materials you need to have physically on you and which can be used directly from your inventory box.

The following items should be stored in the inventory box in stacks of up to 99 pieces:

  • Food ingredients, such as vegetables and fruit. These are used from your inventory whilst you cook and do not need to be in your backpack.
  • Night Shards and Dream Shards can be used at a Crafting Table directly from your inventory.
  • Quest items that you don't need at the moment.
  • Spare building materials such as sand, stone, cotton, or iron ore.

If you complete Mickey's final friendship quest, you will gain access to four more storage boxes in a special secret room in the Castle. You can leave items in here for safekeeping if you wish.

How To Build More Chests In Dreamlight Valley

You can build more chests. That's right. You're not restricted to the one lonely box in the corner of your house. However, the buildable ones are not expandable, so you will still be limited and need to manage your space carefully.

You could try to make one box for each type of item, such as one box for food, one for quest items, and one for building materials. However, this depends upon your personal preference - and how many rooms you have in your house.

They are craftable from a Crafting Table, which is given to you by Scrooge, found at Scrooge's Store, or located outside Goofy's House. They can be made from the following resources.

  • 25 Softwood
  • 25 Stone

Invest In Your Home And Backpack

Aside from storage chests in every corner of the map, you can also cough up some money to expand your main storage box and add more space to your backpack. You'll need to rake in a fair amount of cash for this; spend it either inside your backpack by clicking the + icon or going to the Scrooge construction signs outside and inside your house. Expanding your home gives you more room in your storage box while investing in your backpack gives you more wiggle room with that portable inventory.

Expanding your inventory can be pricey, though. Setting you back 20,000 to 50,000 Star Coins per upgrade, you'll benefit from the increased space in your portable and storage inventories, which can be a massive help as you progress further into the game.

Floordrobe Everything

If you believe in the tradition of "waste not, want not," and if you're not opposed to a spot of healthily-organised chaos, we have a solution for all this mess: rather than grumbling and gathering it up immediately, leave unnecessary materials on the ground where they spawn. Items left on the ground don't de-spawn, so they will always be there in droves should you suddenly need 200 pebbles - and trust me, you will, because some things in the Valley don't make sense.

You can collect items in your backpack in stacks of up to 99 pieces and then drop them anywhere on the map to pick up later in the game. It's tempting to sell them on for Star Coins, but since resource-gathering can be time-consuming in Dreamlight Valley, you'll thank yourself for the life hack.

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