Among Us VR is inching ever closer to its release on Steam and Oculus later this year. Developer Schell Games (who take over for InnerSloth thanks to their VR expertise) have just announced that they're finally ready to bring in more beans to help test Among Us VR prior to its release.

Signups are now available by following this link, as advertised in Schell's Twitter post. You'll need to input your email address, choose your VR headset from a long list of hardware, and also confirm what digital platform you primarily play your VR games on. Then join the Discord server so you can receive updates on the beta test and await your invitation email, which will arrive in a few days.

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Although Among Us VR has already been confirmed for PSVR, Meta Quest 2, and Steam VR (and any headset compatible with it), there are a few headsets on the beta signup list that seem a little sus. For example, the Famicom 3D was a Nintendo accessory that turned the Famicom's 2D images into 3D ones through stereoscopic lenses. Magic Leap is an augmented reality headset and not compatible with Steam VR, and the Xbox Moda doesn't even exist as far as I can tell.

Among Us VR was first announced at last years Game Awards. Only The Skeld has been seen in trailers so far, so players can expect to empty garbage, perform medical exams, calibrate sensors, and blast asteroids while avoiding the Impostor. It does seem like there are a few enhancements to the VR gameplay, such as a birds-eye view of the ship when using the security cameras, and there was a new whack-a-mole-style task too.

SteamDB previously listed Among Us VR as releasing November 10, but we still haven’t received confirmation from Schell or InnerSloth. That said, the next step after a successful beta is a release date, so let’s hope the beta goes smoothly.

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