After the disaster that was Cyberpunk's launch in 2020 and then the GTA Trilogy a year later, the industry was due a rocky arrival. Cue Overwatch 2 with exactly that, its launch coming with a laundry list of issues last week. Turns out some of you with time to burn thanks to its long queues have found something else Overwatch-adjacent to do in the meantime.

As revealed by Kotaku (we haven't been looking for it too, promise), a couple of Overwatch 2 topics are currently among the most searched on Pornhub. The name of the game itself is in the top ten, and Overwatch hero D.Va actually topped the adult site's search chart at one point earlier today. People have also been searching for pumpkin porn quite a lot too. 'Tis the season.

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Overwatch porn is certainly nothing new. As soon as the original game launched, hardcore fans began finding ways to incorporate its characters into adult videos and scenarios. Whether that be adult film stars cosplaying as Overwatch's heroes and engaging in acts you definitely won't find in the game, or crudely animated recreations of those characters doing similar stuff.

Blizzard quickly started trying to eradicate those videos from the internet back in 2016, and will likely be frantically trying to do the same right about now. That'll probably be far harder to do in 2022 than it was six years ago. Pile on that aforementioned laundry list of issues with the sequel itself, and it's entirely likely the team behind Overwatch 2 doesn't have a spare pair of hands to search for and attempt to eliminate porn videos inspired by its new game right now.

Alongside the lengthy queues, the game has been hit with multiple DDoS attacks, and players are reporting being kicked from matches when they unlock an achievement. All of that has resulted in Overwatch 2 registering a 1.4 on Metacritic. Investigations into Activision Blizzard's work environment are also ongoing. Those investigations allegedly discovered evidence of a toxic work environment with certain individuals accused of some incredibly serious things.

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