Magic: The Gathering has revealed the final confrontation of its ongoing Phyrexian arc, with March Of The Machine being the big event of Summer 2023.

Closing out the story that began with 2021’s Kaldheim, March of the Machines will see denizens of the multiverse fight for survival against the ongoing Phyrexian threat. It will also feature a new supplementary product, currently only known as “March of the Machine: The Aftermath”.

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Of all the sets revealed at the Wizards Presents conference, March of the Machine is the one we know the least about. No setting for it has been confirmed, although one of the arts released does show both Kamigawa and Theros, suggesting a pan-multiverse event. There are also some exciting faces reappearing.

Alongside the Planeswalker Chandra is a group of Non-Planeswalking characters from entirely different universes. Joining her are Strixhaven’s Dina, Kaldheim’s Esika (and her chariot), Ravnica’s Borborygmos, and Kaladesh’s Dhiren Baral. The last one is particularly interesting, as he first appeared as an antagonist of the Kaladesh sets and was an enemy of Chandra.

This could mean a few things. On the one hand, we’re likely to have a fair few Planeswalker fatalities – Tamiyo was compleated and became Phyrexian back in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and she is definitely not going to be the only one. Is this teasing the rise of older characters to Planeswalker status?

Alternatively, it could mean the Phyrexians’ method of brute-forcing interplanar travel with the assistance of Tezzeret is causing the multiverse to unravel and allow non-Planeswalkers to move between worlds en masse. Regardless, having so many supporting characters appear to come together to fight a threat bigger than any plane definitely gives March of the Machine an Avengers Endgame-type feel.

While March of the Machine proper is a full premiere set, complete with Draft, Set, Collector’s and Jumpstart Boosters, and at least two Commander decks, the only thing we know about March Of The Machine: The Aftermath is its name. Although, Wizards has teased previously that it will be unlike any other product we’ve seen before.

March Of The Machine is the second Standard-legal release of the year, following Phyrexia: All Will Be One. It, and The Aftermath, will launch sometime in Spring 2023.

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