Last week's Magic: The Gathering presentation revealed what to expect from the next year of Magic. March of the Machine brings the current Phyrexian arc to a close with official art revealing a lot of familiar faces and settings, including Chandra, Dina, and Borborygmos as well as the planes of Kamigawa and Theros. And after March of the Machine, Magic will release a supplementary product called March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

We know very little about March of the Machine: The Aftermath, but now we know that it won't be a full set. When asked by a Magic fan for details, head designer Mark Rosewater confirmed that Aftermath is going to be a Standard-legal set, but it won't be a "normal premier set."

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Furthermore, Aftermath isn't going to trigger the next Standard rotation. Instead, that'll be done when Wilds of Eldraine releases later next year, causing the two Innistrad sets, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and Streets of New Capenna to rotate out.

Fans are speculating that this means March of the Machine: The Aftermath could be a smaller expansion designed to be drafted alongside the fuller March of the Machine. However, Rosewater said on his blog that Aftermath will be "a new kind of thing,” which would imply that it won’t be something that Magic players have ever seen before.

As for what it will be about, Aftermath is being described as the “epilogue” to March of the Machine. After the dust settles between this latest war with Phyrexia, it will change "the very fabric of the multiverse."

But before we get to that, Dominaria United will set the stage for the coming war, and we’ve got a collection of previews to whet your appetite. I'm personally big on Tori D'Avenant since uncommon Commanders are just so fine. The next set arrives on September 9.

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