Magic: The Gathering has finally announced its long-rumoured follow-up to Strixhaven: School of Mage’s Mystical Archive, and it’s coming with a highly collectible twist.

Last year’s Strixhaven included the Mystical Archive, a subset of reprinted instant and sorcery spells not found in the wider Strixhaven set. It was a smash hit, with its alternate art style and powerful cards often being one of the most popular parts of the entire Strixhaven set.

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Announced at the recent sneak preview for the set, November’s Brothers’ War will include something of an unnamed spiritual successor to the Mystical Archive. But instead of reprinting instants and sorceries, it will play up the set’s main characters’ roles as artificers and will instead feature various artifact cards from across the game’s history printed in the ever-popular retro frame showcase style.

Only a handful of cards have been revealed so far, but among them are some incredibly well-known names like Wurmcoil Engine, Ivory Tower, Lodestone Golem, and Jalum Tome. In a tweet later posted on the official Magic account, it was confirmed that there are a total of 63 cards in the collection, which will feature its own set code and expansion symbol to differentiate it from the standard-legal wider Brothers’ War set.

Alongside the average retro frame reprinting, there will also be a showcase style that reimagines these artifacts as blueprints, complete with diagrams and written notes scrawled on them. We’ve seen similar things before as secret bonus cards in Secret Lair drops, and with the artist proof style in Modern Horizons 2, but this is the first time such blueprints will be found in a regular booster pack.

While Draft and Set boosters will receive regular and foil editions of these reprints, Collector’s boosters will have the chance of including a special third kind: serialised ‘double rainbow foils’. Every card in the subset has a chance to be in this style, with only 500 of each being printed. Each one will have a serial code on it to identify which out of the 500 it is, making it a unique card not able to be found anywhere else.

The Brothers’ War launches on November 18. We can expect to see more of these retro artifact reprints with both the MTG 30th anniversary stream on October 4, and the full preview season at Magic 30 from October 28-30.

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