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Rainbow Six: Siege includes a giant roster of operators, consisting of both Attackers and Defenders. There have been many unique gadgets added to the game with each new operator, and Grim has one of the most interesting abilities available.

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He can use his Kawan Hive Launcher to track enemies, which can pair nicely with many other gadgets on other operators. If you want to get the most possible kills while playing as Grim, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you get to grips with this powerful operator.

Pair Grim With Lion

Grim and Lion are two operators that are similar in many ways. The primary similarity between Grim and Lion is that their gadgets both track enemies, which allows you to see where the attackers are through walls. As such, pairing these two operators together can lead to your team detecting enemies quite often — making it easier to defeat them.

If you want to try a fun operator duo with one of your friends, then you can't go wrong with these two. Lion detects enemies through their movement, while Grim sets traps for them. They both feature similar end results, so having them both on your team will make finding enemies much easier.

Stay Alert For Pings From Grim's Hive Launcher

Upon an enemy activating one of Grim's hive canisters, you'll be able to see their location via a ping marker. It's easy to miss the fact that operators get pinged when you first start using Grim, so it's worth looking out for the marker so you know where the enemy operators are immediately after using your gadget.

Try To Target Slower Operators First With The Kawan Hive Launcher

Operators that move more slowly are better targets for the Kawan Hive Launcher weapon because it's easier to track a target when they're moving slowly. Pings will be easier to see and aiming your shots will be more accurate. Although the hive canisters work well against all operators, it's a particularly effective gadget in this case.

Gunfire And Melee Attacks Won't Affect The Hive Canisters

Although hive canisters can be destroyed with a grenade upon landing, enemies can't destroy them using a gun or melee attack, unlike many other gadgets in Rainbow Six: Siege. This means that if the canister is close to an enemy operator, it'll be very difficult to destroy. Keep this in mind when deploying your hive canisters.

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Beware Of Kaid And Bandit

Kaid and Bandit both have abilities that can electrocute walls with metal barriers. If you deploy your hive canister near one of these electrocuted walls, then the electricity will destroy the gadget before it can deploy and track an enemy. These operators' abilities can create major problems since you have limited ammunition for the Kawan Hive Launcher. Be careful where you deploy your hives.

Equip The 522 Commando Assault Rifle

The 522 Commando is Grim's most powerful primary weapon. The SG-CQB shotgun is also strong, but the 522 Commando is more reliable. The primary upsides of this weapon include high damage per individual shot and a fast reload speed, so you can deal a lot of damage in very few hits. You'll also be capable of firing the 522 Commando from a much further distance compared to the SG-CQB shotgun.

Recoil can be a problem with the 522 Commando. However, it's not a huge drawback since this gun fires rather slowly anyway, so aiming each individual shot is essential regardless of recoil. Overall, prioritizing the 522 Commando over the SG-CQB shotgun is usually worthwhile, especially if you perform best with assault rifles in first-person shooters.

Synergize With Jackal

Like Lion, Jackal is an operator who pairs well with Grim due to his ability to track enemy footsteps. A team with both Jackal and Grim will easily dominate the enemy team, since you'll know the location of enemies throughout the map, albeit using different methods.

With Jackal and Grim on your side, you'll have multiple players feeding the rest of your team information about enemy locations, which will help you secure victory against the Defenders.

Pay Attention To Grenades

Grenades are particularly problematic for Grim because they can easily destroy the hives before they activate. Impact Grenades are especially strong against Grim's gadget, so you'll need to be careful if you see a player using grenades of any type.

If you notice an enemy throwing a grenade or using any other type of explosive, be extra cautious not to allow the enemy to see you planting a hive canister. Instead, favor a stealthy approach, which will give them less time to react to the hive before it activates. This way your enemy won't have the means to pinpoint and destroy your hive.

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