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The developers have done a great job in integrating various Disney characters into Disney Dreamlight Valley. As soon as you join the game, you'll try your best to resolve the issue called The Forgetting as you embark on a journey to unlock many of your favorite characters with nostalgic quests.

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Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid is one of the many characters in the game, and you'll be unlocking him pretty late because of some requirements. You need to have a few characters like Ariel, Ursula, Mother Gothel, and Moana unlocked to even think about Eric.

How To Start Unlocking Prince Eric In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlike most characters in the game, the process to unlock Prince Eric doesn't end after a single quest. Although to start the quest line and begin your journey, you need to first unlock Ariel and get her to friendship level three. This isn't a difficult task since you need a lot less EXP in starting levels of friendship.

Once that is done, you can start The Missing Prince quest by talking to her. She'll ask you to talk to three other people, but you can just continue the quest by talking directly to Kristoff, and he'll ask you to retrieve Expedition Records from his house.

You can find these Records deep inside his house on the tables shown in the picture above. Bring them to Kristoff, and he'll reveal a shocking reality.

The next step is to find the skull rock on Dazzle Beach. This is pretty simple, and it'll be hard for you to miss the rock when you head to the same part of the beach where you found the cave required in Ursula's quest. There'll be a golden fishing spot near the rock where you'll find a Statue Face.

After talking to Ariel and Kristoff about the Statue pieces, you'll need to find three more of them before heading back to Ariel. Here's how you can get them:

  • The first piece will be at Kristoff's house, near the same area where you found the Expedition Records.
  • For the other two pieces, talk to Donald Duck. You'll have to find five Peridots for Scrooge McDuck to get another piece. These can be found in Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadows.
  • Lastly, head over to Glade of Trust and search for the buried piece near the river, it's hard to miss. Once you have all the pieces, take Superglue from Ariel and craft Prince Eric Statue.

To do this, head over to the Furniture tab in your Crafting Table and use all the pieces you acquired along with the Superglue. To finish the quest, you'll have to place this statue near the main entry to Dazzle Beach. Once you do that, a memory will spawn beside you involving Ursula and Eric.

How To Gain Ursula's Trust

At the end of the previous quest, Ariel will mention that you need to gain Ursula's trust before she lets you have Eric. This means that you need to get her to friendship level ten. Ursula is one of the two characters who can't be assigned a task, making it harder to level her friendship.

Thankfully, there's a method you can use to get her to friendship ten in an hour or less. To do this, simply go all over the map you've unlocked and pick up every single flower in your sight. After making a couple of runs, you'll easily have around 80-100 of them.

Now, simply gift all these flowers to Ursula. Each flower gives you quite a lot of EXP, and they're very easy to acquire.

After reaching level ten on her friendship, you'll need to finish a bunch of friendship quests before you can get the one you're looking for. These start as soon as you unlock her, and here's how to finish them:

Quest Name Unlock Criteria Walkthrough
Lair Sweet Lair As soon as you unlock Ursula
  • Make Ursula's house using 10,000 Star Coins.
  • Find Paper in Merlin's, Mickey's, and Goofy's houses.
  • Get some Dream Shards and Purple Pigments to craft the required items before giving them to Ursula.
Magic Moments Friendship Level 4
  • Talk to Ursula and Mother Gothel.
  • Make Sushi using Rice and Fish.
  • Make a Lobster Roll using Lobster, Wheat, Lemon, Butter, and Garlic.
  • Give them to Mother Gothel, and then give the flower to Ursula.
The Ritual Friendship Level 7
  • Get a Seashell from Moana, 6 Aquamarine, 6 Squid, and 1 Empty Vial.
  • Craft the Enchantment Potion and bring it to Ursula.
  • Put the flower in front of the cave that was in Ursula's quest, and go back to her to finish it.

Once you have finished all three of these quests, you'll be able to get A Deal With Ursula quest from her. This requires you to have Forest of Valor, Forgotten Land, and Frosted Heights unlocked.

How To Finish A Deal With Ursula Quest

When you talk to Ursula to begin this quest, she will tell you that she captured Prince Eric in exchange for helping Ariel not lose her memories because of The Forgetting. She will ask you to investigate the ruins in Forgotten Land if you want to get Eric back.

Head over to the northern part of Forgotten Land, and you'll find a Dark Crystal shining on a pedestal. To continue the quest, take this back to Ursula and learn more about the rest of the pedestals shining.

She'll give the Dark Crystal back to you and ask you to find the other three scattered around the valley. Here's how to find all of them:

  • You'll find the first Crystal in the northern region of Frosted Heights, to the right side of the river. It'll be glowing purple, so you can't miss it once you go around the area.
  • The second Crystal will be located on the right side of Mother Gothel's house entrance.
  • The final one can be found beside the pond on the left side of the Sunlit Plateau. Don't worry about the bones blocking the path, you can simply head over to Forgotten Lands and go down from the other side to access the area.

Once all the Dark Crystals are placed on their pedestals, you'll acquire the Crystal of Power that you can exchange with Ursula for Poor Unfortunate Eric. This will end A Deal With Ursula quest, and start the final quest to unlock Eric.

How To Fix Prince Eric In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this quest, you can take Poor Unfortunate Eric to Ariel, and she'll protect him while you talk to Merlin about the solution. He'll ask you to perform three steps to unlock the prince:

  • First, you need to place his house anywhere in the valley and spend 10,000 Star Coins to build it.
  • Next, head inside his castle and find Eric's Flute lying on the table in front, hard to miss.
  • Finally, take the flute to Ariel and ask her to say his name thrice before kissing the flute. After that, Eric will come out of the well in front of Dream Castle.

Prince Eric Friendship Rewards

After unlocking Prince Eric, you can upgrade his friendship up to level ten. To do this quickly, you can use the trick mentioned above or perform a lot of tasks around the valley while hanging out with him. Planting and harvesting Wheat is one of the fastest ways to raise friendships.

Here are all the rewards you can expect from the prince:

Friendship Level Rewards
Level 1 Unlocks Prince Eric and his castle.
Level 2 Unlocks Prince Eric's signature hairstyle.
Level 3 Unlocks an overlay that resembles Max from The Little Mermaid. You can apply this to customized clothing.
Level 4 Unlocks 500 Star Coins.
Level 5 Unlocks Purple Chaise and Anchor Pillow.
Level 6 Unlocks another overlay involving Ariel's and Eric's shadows.
Level 7 Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins.
Level 8 Unlocks a sailor jacket that you can use on your character.
Level 9 Unlocks a colorful ship overlay.
Level 10 Unlocks Eric's ship after finishing his final friendship quest.

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