House of the Dragon is hurtling towards the end of its first season with just two episodes left to go. Needless to say, if you're not all caught up, this article contains some pretty heavy spoilers. Including the reveal that Daemon picking up Viserys's crown and handing it to him was an unscripted moment added to the show after it happened accidentally during a rehearsal.

Daemon and Rhaenyra returned to King's Landing following another time jump during the latest episode of House of the Dragon. There they found an incredibly ill King Viserys. However, as the powers that be gathered to discuss who should be the next ruler of Driftmark, Viserys dragged himself from his chambers to ascend the throne and oversee proceedings.

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The scene was an emotional one and hard to watch at times as Viserys struggled through the hall as his family and friends watched on, refusing aid from a soldier. Daemon then steps forward to help his brother up the final few steps, picking up his king's crown and handing it back to him as he does so. The episode's director Geeta Patel revealed to EW (via ScreenRant) that the touching moment was completely unplanned.

“The crown fell off of Paddy's head and Matt picked it up and we just kept going. We didn't stop [filming],” Patel explained. “The three of us got together and they were like, 'We felt this. This felt like the turning point in our relationship.'.” At the start of season one, Daemon was hellbent on claiming the crown for himself. To see him pick it up and hand it back to Viserys was a real full-circle moment.

Daemon hasn't shaken all of the toxic traits he has been demonstrating since episode one. Just moments after helping his poor brother onto the throne, the Targaryen sliced Vaemond Velaryon's head in two for publicly labeling Rhaenyra's oldest sons bastards. With just two episodes to go, the pieces are neatly falling into place for what is guaranteed to be a chaotic Dance of the Dragons finale later this month.

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