Hideo Kojima remains as cryptic on Twitter as ever. Kojima Productions recently teased a new poster at the Tokyo Game Awards, and we all asked, "who is that?" Well, soon, the question of "who?" will be answered, we just have to work out where.

Confused? Yeah, that's normal. The next big video game show - aside from some PlayStation and Nintendo directs - will be December's Game Awards, where Geoff Keighley - who has been pictured on video calls with Kojima a lot recently - hosts.

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It stands to reason that a new Kojima Productions game will be announced at The Game Awards then. What exactly the game could be, and who is starring in it, we still aren't sure of.

Some speculation has reared its head. A lot of fans reckon Get Out director Jordan Peele will be involved, as a picture of him on a call with Kojima and Keighley was shared shortly before the Tokyo Game Show, and the font on the poster is the same as Peele's newest film, Nope. Also, fans think the woman in the poster could be Elle Fanning. It's also possibly Margaret Qualley who played Death Stranding character Mama.

The odds right now favour a Death Stranding sequel, due in part to the bridge logo on the bottom of the poster, and the fact we know a sequel is in the works thanks to Norman Reedus - Sam Bridges himself - letting the news slip.

People have been quick to make jokes under Kojima's clue. One person shared a video where they increased the brightness on the poster and it's revealed to be Chris Pratt. Pratt ruining our favourite projects is something we all fear.

We won't know for sure until December probably, so don't go overboard trying to figure it out.

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