Follow Jack Black has confirmed that the Super Mario Bros. movie will have "musical aspects", which supports a leak from earlier in the year that said that the film was a musical and that most of the cast gets a song or two.

Yesterday, Nintendo finally revealed a first look at the Super Mario Bros. movie, giving us a taste of what a world where Chris Pratt is Mario looks like. Although most of us probably saw the trailer in the Nintendo Direct, it was also shown live at New York Comic Con and was followed up with a special panel talk with Jack Black, who plays Bowser in the movie.

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Jack Black showed up to the panel wearing a spiked shell, flame shirt, yellow shoes, and yellow trousers, a look that would certainly match the King of Koopas. As reported by GamesRadar+, Black spoke at length about his role in the movie and seemed to accidentally give away a little more than he intended when he mentioned that Bowser "has a musical side".

Black then mentioned that there are "musical aspects" to the film, before stopping himself from going any further by saying it was a spoiler. Although that's seemingly a minor detail to mention, it interestingly lines up with a leak from earlier in the year that claimed that the Mario movie was actually a musical and that almost all the characters would get a chance to sing. Some of the characters that are mentioned in the leak to sing are Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Bowser, which shouldn't be too surprising as all four of the actors playing those characters are skilled singers.

The leak was detailed in a now-deleted Reddit post and claimed that Mario and Luigi would both speak with Brooklyn accents, something that we get a little taste of in the trailer. It also claimed that the humour wouldn't have fart jokes or dabs and would mostly be meta and referential to the series.

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