Kena: Bridge Of Spirits is a game that immediately grabs attention because of its beautiful art style and stunning visuals. In fact, the game is so spectacular from a graphical standpoint that it has been compared with Pixar movies. Thankfully, though, the visuals aren't the only good things about the title, as it has plenty of substance to go with its style.

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But being a unique game, you may have questions about it before you start your adventure. One of those is perhaps about how long the game is. The answer to that depends on the type of player you are. As such, this guide has the average completion times for story-focused people and completionists.

Updated September 29, 2022 By Ben Jessey: Kena: Bridge Of Spirits has recently been celebrating its one-year anniversary. As such, there's a new update to the game that adds a bit of extra content. All the celebration around the title may have led you to consider giving it a try.

Before you get started, though, you might be wondering how much time you will need to invest in the game. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with that information. But we felt the piece could be cleaned up a bit, so now we've updated it and made the information as clear as ever.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Kena: Bridge Of Spirits?

The story of the game shouldn't take that long to get through, assuming you stick to the beaten path. An average playthrough should last roughly 10 hours, according to

However, you have to be very focused on the narrative to beat it in that time. Most players get distracted by collectibles or the scenery. Therefore, the average player takes around 13 or so hours to complete it.

How Long Does It Take To 100% Complete Kena: Bridge Of Spirits?

Aside from cleansing the land of corruption and uncovering the main narrative, the game also has a bunch of side quests and activities players can take part in.

These include collecting rot, tiny spirit creatures that help you solve most of the game's environmental puzzles. You can also unlock little hats for them by finding them or buying them with the in-game currency, as well as delivering spirit mail that helps unlock new areas and rewards. According to, a completionist run can take up to 18 and a half hours. So it is possible to 100% the game over the course of a weekend.

How Many Missions Are In Kena: Bridge Of Spirits?

Overall, there are 23 missions in the game for you to complete. This is the name of each one:

  • Prologue
  • Find The Rot
  • Help Taro
  • Find Rusu
  • Taro's Fear
  • Forgotten Forest
  • Taro's Love
  • Taro's Regret
  • Free Taro
  • Honor Taro
  • Help The Woodsmith
  • Adira's Love
  • Adira's Fear
  • Adira's Regret
  • Free Adira
  • Honor Adira
  • Help Toshi
  • Toshi's Fear
  • Toshi's Love
  • Toshi's Regret
  • Free Toshi
  • The Sacred Mountain Shrine
  • Letting Go

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