Overwatch 2 has gone free-to-play, ditching loot boxes for a battle pass and challenge system, but the challenges are wildly varied in difficulty. One even seems borderline impossible.

If you want to earn coins, which you need to buy cosmetics and the battle pass, you have to complete weekly challenges. You get coins at each interval starting with completing four, then eight, and then all 11, but last week's asked players to get 20 team kills. As in wipe out the enemy team 20 times. That's a big ask.

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Coins are sparse, and sparser still with challenges like these. Crunching the numbers, fans figured out that it would take five years minimum to get all of Kiriko's base cosmetics through the weekly system, and it'll take even longer if difficult challenges such as this persist. For many, those team kills are the last - and seemingly unobtainable - challenge. But the dailies are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, being so menial it's hard to call it a 'challenge' - one simply asks you to say thanks to your support or wave at a teammate. With that done, you've earned some battle pass XP. But weekly coins take more grinding.

The few who did get it have said that it seems entirely luck-based. Maybe someone on the enemy team disconnects or gets booted out thanks to a bug, or maye you get a perfect team synergy in Mystery Heroes while the other side gets stuck with five Mercy's. Either way, you need the RNG gods to favour you, or you'll end up grinding and grinding with no promise of those 20 wipes.

Given that coins are so hard to come by - meaning you'll likely have to buy the battle pass again next season with real money - fans are urging other players not to buy into it this season, boycotting the battle pass system until Blizzard addresses the complaints. Funnily enough, as the poster highlights, another Activision game - Warzone - follows the standard of letting you buy another battle pass so long as you complete the previous one by giving you enough credits.

Others have even created mockups for an improved battle pass, adding coins to its tiers for both free and premium to give players more means to earn skins. It's far harder to now than it was in Overwatch since the removal of its understably controversial loot boxes. The replies to these threads are filled with even more suggestions like making it easier to get legacy skins given that we're onto the sequel now.

Whatever happens, it's much harder to earn cosmetics in Overwatch 2's current state, so you might have to stay put with the base lot while you grind out that battle pass. Chances are, unless you have oodles of time to pump into it, you won't get many skins the old-fashioned way.

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