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Clubs are an important part of student life in Two Point Campus. They provide entertainment and socialisation opportunities for students, as well as giving specific benefits to members. Students can only be in one club at a time, and which clubs you have access to will depend on the campus you are playing.

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The first club you'll have access to is Power-Nap, which is unlocked alongside Speed Walking early on in career mode, or instantly in some sandbox modes. Here's what Power-Nap Club can offer your students, and what you'll need to keep them happy.

How To Unlock Power-Nap Club

The first couple of campuses in career mode walk you through the basics of running an efficient campus and unlocking clubs is part of this. You'll need to clear the first level, Freshleigh Meadows, with at least one star to unlock Piazza Lanatra, a Gastronomy focused campus.

Once you can access Piazza Lanatra, you'll need to play through the first academic year, which involves setting up the basics of your campus. As year two begins, students will start to get bored, and you'll unlock both Power-Nap and Speed Walking clubs.

Then simply purchase a Power-Nap Recruitment Stand for $2,000 and place it on campus. It can go either inside or outside.

The game will tell you that the recruitment stand requires an assistant. A manned stand will recruit more students, but students can still sign up if the stand is unmanned, so you don't need to hire an assistant solely for this job.

The Benefits Of Power Nap Club

Power-Nap club allows students to easily and quickly regenerate their energy using club items. Students in the club will gain club levels for using these items.

The higher a student's club level the better their buffs will be. This means they'll regain energy quicker as they join and use the club.

As students sign up and begin to level up, the club itself will also gain levels. High level clubs can accept more members.

Power-Nap Club Items

As students in the club reach higher levels you'll need to purchase specific items in order to keep them happy. You can find the items in either the corridor or exterior sections of the build menu. Here's what you'll need.

Sleepy Sheep

The sleepy sheep stand is unlocked when you place the recruitment stand. It costs $1,000 and can be used by students of club levels 1-3. You can place it inside or outside.

Waning Moon

The waning moon item requires 25 Kudosh to unlock. Once unlocked it costs $5,000 to place. While you can place it inside or outside we recommend placing it outside since the item is quite large and can get in the way.

The waning moon also increases the attractiveness of an area and can be used by level 3-6 club members.

Counting Sheep

Counting sheep is the final item for club members of level 7-10. This time to unlock cost is 50 Kudosh, and it costs $10,000 to purchase.

As with the waning moon, counting sheep is quite large, can be placed anywhere in a corridor or outdoor area, and increases attractiveness.

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