Over its lifecycle, The Sims 4 has grown incredibly. Some worlds are small, while others are much larger. Regardless of size, each one includes its own aesthetic and focus. As new game packs and expansions have been released, the number of worlds has increased, and many players are grateful for the fact that most can be traveled to easily by using the map. This gives your Sims more flexibility than ever before. However, there are also some that are only accessible via vacationing or traveling through a portal.

When ranking the worlds, we've considered a number of criteria including size, looks, unique benefits, if you can live there, and how much the world reflects its purpose. Here is our list of all the worlds in The Sims 4, ranked.

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Updated August 15, 2022, By Helen Ashcroft: The Sims 4 continues to expand, pack after pack. While the recent influx of kits doesn't increase the worlds we can play in this year's game packs and expansion do. The Sims 4 High School years brings the total number of available worlds up to 22, but not all of them are worth exploring. Here's our ranking of each one.

22/22 Magnolia Promenade (Get To Work)

If you blink you could easily miss Magnolia Promenade, blink twice, and you definitely will. It's a simple and quite bland world that comes with four lots, three of which are occupied by pre-built retail stores. Paddywack's Emporium sells trinkets and decor, JF&S Clothiers selling clothing and The Roadstead sells not a lot in a huge space.

The world itself is not only small but also quite boring, with decor that blends in with Willow Creek. In terms of buildings, the stores are not very functional, making this world one to skip over, much like Get To Work. Here's to hoping that the next pack in line for a refresh is Get To Work. This world needs some personality.

21/22 Granite Falls (Outdoor Retreat)

Granite Falls from Outdoor Retreat is the earliest vacation world and in places, it really shows. While we love that vacationing is an option, this destination suffers from being the first. It's small in size, with just five lots, a campsite and a national park. There's a lot of potential here, but it's sadly underutilized.

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It's also full of trees that constantly block your view, leading to a frustrating vacation when you have to keep adjusting the camera. The addition of Seasons helps make it feel more alive, and it can be fun to collect the bugs and plants, but Granite Falls quickly became outclassed.

20/22 Batuu (Journey To Batuu)

The Sims 4: Journey To Batuu is the first true collaboration between two huge franchises. It brings the world of Star Wars into The Sims 4 through Batuu and the lore surrounding it, taking heavy inspiration from the Disney Galaxy's Edge theme park. As such the pack and the world are far more limited in appeal than most.

The world itself is accessed via a phone call and is technically a vacation world. However, Sims don't pay to stay there and can choose to reside in Batuu as long as they wish. This makes the world broad in one way, yet it is incredibly limited in others.

As you'd expect, the entire world is themed and all the buildings are taken from existing designs for Galaxy's Edge. While it's a joy for Star Wars fans to explore, the world also has some huge restrictions. There are only three editable lots, one per neighborhood, and many buildings are rabbit holes or facades, earning it a place near the bottom of our list.

19/22 Strangerville (Strangerville)

Strangerville as a world is nice and unique, but it ranks poorly due to its bizarre inhabitants. The 12-lot location features a library, bar, and secret lab, as well as some houses. While Strangerville looks interesting, having to play through the story mode so your neighbors no long look terrifying gets tiring, fast.

Unless you want interesting plumbing and the most terrifying welcome wagon we've ever seen, we recommend solving the mystery, which is enjoyable the first time, and then keeping a copy of that save game. This will literally save you a lot of time in the future!

18/22 Forgotten Hollow (Vampires)

We'd love to rank this creepy and gothic world higher but Forgotten Hollow suffers from being so small. While the five-lot size is understandable, due to its inclusion in a well-rounded game pack, it still feels disappointing. The vampire world has so much potential that is crammed into a small space.

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This is the only dark and gothic feeling world we have, and it just feels well dull, quite literally. The central garden is a nice touch, but everything grows too slowly, and there just isn't enough to explore. We need more of this vibe.

17/22 Glimmerbrook (Realm Of Magic)

Glimmerbrook is another quite bland five-lot town that came with a game pack, but this one ranks higher due to its secret. A portal just outside of town will take you to the Magic Realm where you can learn spellcasting, fight duels and buy magical ingredients.

While the Magical Realm isn't very editable, it is very well built and has some beautiful scenery that bumps this world just ahead of Forgotten Hollow. Sorry vampires, spellcasters have some unbeatable views.

16/22 Newcrest (Base Game)

It can be difficult to rank Newcrest due to the fact that the 15-lot world is completely empty. While this is a builder's dream, the world may find itself underused for other players due to it being just a pretty basic area.

It also suffers from base game blandness, making it less vibrant and rich than some newer worlds. While we love having a blank world we'd like to see a new one, with a brand-new vibe and more life in the background.

15/22 Tartosa (My Wedding Stories)

Tartosa is a nine-lot world designed with weddings in mind. It contains a store where you can buy cakes, a wedding flower vendor, and a dress store you can window-shop in. There's also a town hall for your shotgun wedding needs.

These extra additions make the town more dynamic than some worlds, and the location is beautiful. However, some of the features of this world didn't pan out as hoped which knocks it down below another smaller worlds with adventures that don't bug out on you.

14/22 Selvadorada (Jungle Adventure)

We'd love to rank Jungle Adventure's Selvadorada more highly, due to its stunning surroundings and its unique temples, ready for exploration. However, due to the fact that it's a vacation world comprising just seven lots, including a bar, national park, and museum it's difficult to do so.

The world also has other disadvantages, including the risk of lighting, bugs, and all manner of other hazards you may encounter while exploring. In short, Selvadorada is beautiful but deadly.

13/22 Moonwood Mill (Werewolves)

This world is another small space, with just five lots in total. You'll find a small starter home, a larger residential lot, a library, an empty lot, and of course the obligatory bar. However, Moonwood Mill contains a number of unique features, hidden areas, and secrets that bump it up ahead of the other small worlds. All the lots are also well-designed and intriguing.

The bar is outdoor and looks pretty sparse, but the lot also contains a werewolf hideout, deep beneath the ground. As well as this, you'll find two separate pack hangout areas, and many tunnels that span the area. The tunnels are explorable as a rabbithole system, and the pack hangout areas can be used to interact with fellow werewolves. There are also areas in which you can place items of your choice from your inventory to customize them.

12/22 Britechester (Discover University)

Britechester is actually a far more flexible world than we anticipated. It's split into three parts, with Foxbury occupying one, Britechester another, and the town the third. Each campus section comprises two dorms, one student house, and a common area. There are also areas around the campus where events take place.

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The town itself comprises three houses, available to all, a bar and a library. This means the 13-lot world is more usable than expected and offers a way for anyone to be near university life without being on campus.

11/22 Willow Creek (Base Game)

Willow Creek is a base game world and home to Sims franchise staples The Goths. With 21 lots it's one of the biggest worlds in the game, pushing it up the list. It also has a number of pre-built houses as well as a library, museum, nightclub, park, and gym.

While the world itself feels friendly and includes quite a lot of life, it is simply one of the more boring additions, mostly due to being base game. We'd love to see it given some of the polish later worlds have benefited from.

10/22 Oasis Springs (Base Game)

Oasis Springs manages to climb above Willow Creek due to its more unique dessert aesthetic. Mixing patches of grass with sandy mountains, the base game world is also 21 lots large. This time the community buildings are a museum, lounge, gym, bar, and park.

Oasis Springs is also home to The Calientes and Landgrabbs. It has only three vacant lots and the rest are filled with houses built in a variety of styles, making it feel more unique to play in.

9/22 Del Sol Valley (Get Famous)

Benefiting from the L.A. influence, Del Sol Valley compliments the Get Famous pack nicely. It feels like a city of superstars with three mansions in the hills, three smaller houses clustered together, and a downtown area that comprises a VIP lounge, regular lounge, park, museum, and gym.

It's the small touches that make this town enjoyable, including a sim walk of fame, VIP nightspots, and beautiful views over the cityscape.

8/22 San Myshuno (City Living)

San Myshuno is a one-of-a-kind world. In terms of gameplay, this location offers the most with its festivals, collectibles, and apartment system. There are also some unique nightspots and places to visit.

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The Skye fitness gym, park, art gallery, penthouse lounge, and karaoke bars offer unique venues to keep Sims entertained. Combined with the on-street festivals and events this city offers, it's bustling and busy. For some this is perfect, but others prefer a quieter life.

7/22 Brindleton Bay (Cats & Dogs)

Brindleton Bay is one of the most beautiful locations in the game. The 16-lot coastal town includes a park, vet clinic, bar, lounge, and museum, as well as several houses. The feel is very rustic and more spread out and open than most worlds.

The vibe here is peaceful, and it's a beautiful location. It's just pipped by Windenburg due to its more limited space and fewer unique community lots. Also, because of its rain, which is frequent.

6/22 Windenburg (Get Together)

The coastal town of Windenburg is also large in size with a whopping 27 lots, including two bars, two cafés, a pool, a gym, a nightclub, and a park. It also houses some more unique lots that comprise the Von Haunt Estate, the Ancient Ruins, and The Bluffs, where events can take place.

The town feels mainly Tudor in style and is packed full of beautiful period buildings. The separate island just off the coast has some more modern builds, offering variety and attention to detail and giving the world style and depth.

5/22 Sulani (Island Living)

Sulani is a beautiful island with a vibe like no other. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but it comes with its own culture, events, and unique ways of doing things. If you look after the world it will also look after you, growing and blooming into an amazing place to live.

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Swimming, chilling, and enjoying life are all high on the agenda for this 14-lot world which also offers unique ways to build, beach lots, bars, and some surprises in the ocean. Perfect.

4/22 Copperdale (High School Years)

Copperdale is an 11-lot world and while the lots are editable you cannot change the venue type on the school lots. It's this Copperdale campus lot that both makes and breaks this world. It's fantastic that you can freely edit the lots, but the school also takes up two lots and an entire neighborhood, limiting the area's usage.

Elsewhere, there is a library, park, and the Thriftea store. If you want to use the new Thift store gameplay that's another lot that needs to remain, once more limiting regular lot spaces. However, despite these size restrictions there's a non-editable huge pier area that's a lot of fun and the views are fantastic. These combined with the other usable areas, such as the school sports field, make this world more unique and enjoyable than several others.

3/22 Evergreen Harbor (Eco Lifestyle)

Evergreen Harbor comes straight in at the top of this list for its numerous features, beautiful views, and the ability to change the entire world with the eco-footprint system. It comprises three neighborhoods and each can be modernized individually if players wish, entirely changing the feel of each one.

The world also contains community lots, walk-up apartments, and larger apartments as well as different-sized houses. This makes it the most versatile world we've seen so far, combining features of many past packs together. It even manages to remain beautiful in every different variation.