Now that the dust has settled on the launch of Overwatch 2, players have finally had the time to see how it compares to the original Overwatch. While most agree that it's simply the same game with a few more bells and whistles attached, there is one mechanic that doesn't feature in Overwatch 2 despite there being very little need to get rid of it in the first place - the voting card system that occurs post-match.

It's not the biggest change to Overwatch, but some fans are missing the old system. This was made evident by a popular post on the Overwatch subreddit made by Redditor Alienator35, who explains that they felt the voting system was the only time that "support players got some recognition." It's a similar story for all the other commenters in the thread as well, as many support players are begruding the lack of appreciation they now get for their services.

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It probably doesn't help too much that "Play Of The Game" only seems to include players who take out a lot of the opposing team at once, rarely featuring support players that significantly contribute to their team's efforts. In fact, some players in the same thread call on Blizzard to make PotG segments feature a lot more support players as a potential voting card replacement.

Unfortunately, it seems like Blizzard may be a little too busy to focus on slight gameplay tweaks at the moment, since Overwatch 2 continues to be a bit of a buggy mess even after its catastrophic launch. For example, one Overwatch player recently discovered that a bug allows them to spam Bastion's new ultimate, showering the map with an almost unlimited amount of artillery shells for a short amount of time. Another player also showed off how busted the game's hitboxes are at the moment.

It's these bugs along with the long queue times and Battle Pass controversy that has tanked the game's Metacritic User score, which is sat at a dismal 1.4.

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