Graphics cards are getting bigger and more monstery by the year and while the Nvidia RTX 4090 is only just coming off the computer chip presses, the Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti has been in tests apparently. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be going too well.

Sources close to Moore's Law Is Dead (via PCGamesN) said the RTX 4090 Ti is "just too much for now" and suggests the flagship GPU is even susceptible to melting itself. The reputable YouTuber considers his source trustworthy, so with these issues the RTX Titan might be parked for some time. Instead, players will have to fork out for the RTX 4090 as the brawniest graphics card for now and the foreseeable.

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TheGamer got in touch with Nvidia for comment on these reports, and we received a terse reply: "NVIDIA don't comment on unannounced products or rumours." So that's that via the official airwaves, but from trusted source close to Moore's Law Is Dead the huge power draw needed for the Titan is apparently just far too much to handle and is said to be melting power supplies, tripping breakers in the labs, and even melting itself.

Supposedly, this Titan or Ti version of the RTX has been cancelled for now, according to the YouTuber's source, which also claimed that this GPU used around 600 to 700 watts and has "2 x 16-pin connectors". Apparently it was so big that instead of having the card seated in a motherboard, it needed to be mounted to the side of the motherboard.

For now, PC gamers will have to satisfy themselves with the already massive Nvidia RTX 4090, and which is already very pricey, but in return they get a card that is highly capable when it comes to handling 4K visuals. And for a bonus, it doesn't melt.

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