Meta’s Connect 2022 event began today with a keynote address containing a whole slew of announcements. The biggest among them was naturally the Quest Pro VR headset which is coming October 25 with a very hefty price tag of $1499, but second was the Among Us VR release date of November 10.

And then Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella came out and announced a partnership with Meta that will see Xbox Cloud Gaming arrive on the Meta Quest store sometime in the near future.

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"When you step back, one thing we have learned is how immersive experiences in gaming can help create real community and connection. In fact, many people are already playing our most popular games like Flight Simulator and Minecraft in VR today," said Nadella. "And with Xcloud Gaming, you can stream hundreds of games to any device, allowing you to connect with gamers in all new ways, whether they're right next to you or sitting on the other side of the world.

"We're partnering to bring this service to Meta Quest Store. You'll be able to play 2D games with your Xbox controller projected on a massive screen on Quest. It's early days, but we're excited for what's to come."

We only got to see a brief example of what Xcloud will look like on the Meta Quest 2, but it looks like it'll appear as a massive 2D screen in your virtual space. There was no mention of Game Pass’s VR library might be playable on Meta Quest 2, but Nadella strongly hinted additional games partnerships could be coming in the future.

Elsewhere in today's keynote, Meta confirmed the PSVR exclusive Iron Man VR will arrive on the Meta Quest 2 on November 3, and Meta has also brought on three new game studios. Twisted Pixel, Camouflaj, and Resident Evil 4 VR's Armature Studio are now part of Meta and are working on new VR titles. Meta said it'll share some new game announcements when they're ready.

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