MultiVersus has made good on its promise and has announced that Stripe will be joining the roster tomorrow, giving players a first look at his in-game model along with a few of his moves via the official MultiVersus TikTok account.

Stripe's addition to the roster was teased earlier this week, but it now seems like he's ready to cause some mayhem as he officially joins tomorrow, meaning Rick's fairly short time on the home screen is coming to an end. We don't know exactly what time Stripe will be added - some are hoping for a midnight release similar to the way his addition was recently announced - but it's likely it'll be around midday when you consider that developer Player First Games probably has time zones to take into account.

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MultiVersus' official TikTok account has given us the briefest of looks at one of Stripe's moves, albeit it's sped up to a ludicrous degree. Still, from the video we can see Stripe's chainsaw lunge in action that was described on his character card that was released a few days ago. Thanks to that card, we know that Stripe will be an Assassin and can also utilise his claws as well as a projectile weapon to hit opponents from distance. It's likey we'll get a detailed breakdown of Stripe's movest in a special stream closer to his actual addition.

With Stripe's addition to MultiVersus, it means that the only previously announced character we're still waiting on to join the roster is Black Adam. Considering the Black Adam movie is launching on October 21, it's not too much of stretch to assume that he'll drop either before or shorlty after the movie's release. After that, it's completely unknown who we'll see join MultiVerse next.

We do have some idea though, as voice lines were recently found for both Beetlejuice and the Joker, the latter of which sounds like he'll be voiced by none other than Mark Hamill.

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