The upcoming release of the Black Adam movie is right around the corner, so the Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Warner Bros. are making sure everyone is aware by announcing a collaboration with Fortnite. Releasing just a single day before the movie, a Black Adam skin will fly into the Fortnite Item Shop on October 20 at 8pm ET along with a couple of other Black Adam-themed items.

Along with the skin, players will be able to grab Black Adam's big mace as a melee weapon well as an emote that will have the antihero sit down on a broken throne of stones menacingly. Eagle-eyed Fortnite players have spotted that the emote actually features the silhouette of Jonesy instead of Black Adam, which seems to indicate that it may not be locked to the skin and could be available for all players.

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Quickly pointed out by Fortnite fans, this isn't The Rock's first inclusion in Fortnite, as his debut in the battle royale came when he was asked to voice a character called The Foundation in Chapter 3 Season 1. Not only does this mean that this is The Rock's second appearance in Fortnite, it also means that players can have a battle of the ages to see which version of The Rock is the best. If you want to see Black Adam in action , he big reveal will take place on Twitch at 6:30pm ET tomorrow.

As for what else Fortnite might be crossing over with soon, several reputable Fortnite leakers have claimed that a Doctor Who collaboration is coming pretty soon. We don't quite know what skins or items will be included in the crossover, but there's plenty of iconic designs out there for Epic to choose from.

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