Among Us VR will soon be among us. The VR port that was first announced at last year's Game Awards has been in the midst of an open beta test for the past month or so. Players looking to point fingers and avoid blame have been testing Among Us VR for developer Schell Games (who takes over for Innersloth thanks to their VR expertise), and with an apparently successful beta out of the way, it's time for a full release.

Among Us VR arrives on Steam, PSVR, and the Meta Quest 2 on November 18.

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Among Us VR is like regular Among Us, only it's played entirely from the first person. You are a colorful little bean working to ensure the proper operation of an orbital station, or you're an impostor trying to kill every last crew member. Players can periodically call meetings to discuss the latest murders and try to figure out who the dastardly impostor is in order to eject them out of an airlock.

Fans of the original Among Us will notice a lot has transferred over from the first game, including tasks and The Skeld's general layout. Besides the new perspective, other new features include improved death animations for when the impostor offs a crew member (I'm a big fan of roundhouse kicking crew mates to death, personally), and hands are animated separately from the rest of you so that you can do things like high-five crew mates as they pass by.

There's a long list of devices available for playing Among Us VR on Steam, or you can stick with PSVR or Meta Quest 2 if you're more into the defined platforms. You can add Among Us VR to your Steam wishlist now to be informed as soon as it becomes available on November 10.

And just to mention, there's an Among Us-shaped chicken nugget that was sold on eBay for $100,000 and was then rocketed into space.

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