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Collei is a 4-star bow-wielding Dendro character in Genshin Impact, and one of the first Dendro characters introduced in the game. With the launch of version 3.0 and the Sumeru region, the Dendro element has new reactions, interactions, and, of course, new characters.

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Collei is a powerful character, but you'll need to Ascend her a bit before her true potential shines. Let's take a look at all the materials you'll need to fully Ascend Collei, and where to find them.

To obtain some of these materials, you'll need access to the Sumeru region, which is unlocked by progressing in the Archon Quests and reaching at least Adventurer Rank 35.

Updated October 9, 2022: We've updated this article to add a helpful video guide that shows you exactly where to go to find all ascension materials for Collei.

Collei's Ascension Phases

Ascension Phase Required Materials Max Level Base HP (At Max Level) Base ATK (At Max Level) Base DEF (At Max Level) Total Bonus ATK
  • N/A
20 2108 43 129 0
  • 20,000 Mora
  • 1x Nagadus Emerald Sliver
  • 3x Rukkhashava Mushroom
  • 3x Firm Arrowhead
40 4076 83 250 0
  • 40,000 Mora
  • 3x Nagadus Emerald Fragment
  • 10x Rukkhashava Mushroom
  • 15x Firm Arrowhead
  • 2x Majestic Hooked Beak
50 5189 105 318 6.0%
  • 60,000 Mora
  • 6x Nagadus Emerald Fragment
  • 20x Rukkhashava Mushroom
  • 12x Sharp Arrowhead
  • 4x Majestic Hooked Beak
60 6448 131 395 12.0%
  • 80,000 Mora
  • 3x Nagadus Emerald Chunk
  • 30x Rukkhashava Mushroom
  • 18x Sharp Arrowhead
  • 8x Majestic Hooked Beak
70 7560 154 463 12.0%
  • 100,000 Mora
  • 6x Nagadus Emerald Chunk
  • 45x Rukkhashava Mushroom
  • 12x Weathered Arrowhead
  • 12x Majestic Hooked Beak
80 8674 176 532 18.0%
  • 120,000 Mora
  • 6x Nagadus Emerald Gemstone
  • 60x Rukkhashava Mushroom
  • 24x Weathered Arrowhead
  • 20x Majestic Hooked Beak
90 9787 199 600 24.0%

Where To Find Collei's Ascension Materials

Nagadus Emerald

Nagadus Emeral Slivers, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones are Dendro Ascension materials that can be obtained from the Jadeplume Terrorshroom boss fight in Vissuda Field, Sumeru. You can obtain rewards from this Dendro boss by spending 40 Original Resin upon defeating it.

Nagadus Emeralds also have a chance to drop from the final reward for completing four Daily Commissions.

Rukkhashava Mushroom

Rukkhashava Mushrooms are a Sumeru specialty plant that are mainly found in Lokapala Jungle. Like other specialty materials, Rukkhashava Mushrooms will respawn 48 hours after being picked, so return after a few days to collect these items again.

Firm, Sharp, and Weathered Arrowheads

Arrowhead materials are dropped by bow-wielding Hilichurls that can be found all over Teyvat. These items should be simple to gather, but if you're running low, try exploring new areas around the map.

Majestic Hooked Beak

Majestic Hooked Beak is a boss drop from the Jadeplume Terrorshroom. This boss is found in Vissuda Field, in the northwest part of Sumeru. Using Electro attacks against this boss will force it into a powered-up state, which can be pacified by using Pyro attacks. Overall, a mix of different elements of your strongest characters should be able to deal with the Jadeplume Terrorshroom, allowing you to snag its materials.

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