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To keep this short and simple: yes, you can play Lost Ark with a controller. Controllers are supported directly from the menu.

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This should, if everything goes well, be very easy to set up. Just plug the controller into your laptop/PC and the game should acknowledge its existence. If things don't go to plan, well, that's what we're here for.

There were some problems with the controller support during the closed beta. We will update this guide with news about further improvements for controller support, if necessary.

Updated February 23, 2022: If you aim to play Lost Ark with a controller and need more of a visual guide on how to set it up, check out our very own video on playing this amazing MMORPG with a controller.

How To Connect Your Controller To Lost Ark

Plug your controller in or connect via Bluetooth, if your controller and PC support this. The Lost Ark menu shows info about Xbox controllers, but people in the community have said that they were also able to play with both PS4 and PS5 DualShock controllers.

Lost Ark Controller Troubleshooting

Things not working out with your controller? Life is never easy. Here are some ways to troubleshoot your controller and to make sure it's working correctly.

  • Check your Steam settings. Head up to Steam - Settings - Controller - General Controller Settings. Check your configuration support for whatever controller you're using.
  • Turn the controller on in Lost Ark. Jump into the main menu and enter the settings menu. Open the Gamepad interface, and you should be able to switch the controller on/off.

Xbox's controllers have three options to connect to Windows devices: via a USB cable, the Xbox Wireless Adapter (usually purchased separately, although some PCs come with this built-in, or via Bluetooth.)

Is It Hard To Play Lost Ark With A Controller?

MMOs are really designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard due to the sheer number of hotkeys and other random buttons that need to be pressed.

That being said, Lost Ark is adapted pretty well to controller play...if you can get past a lot of button mashing.

Skills are activated with combos like LT+Y or LT+X, so you can imagine how complicated this gets for skills 1-8.

You can find the rest of the control in the in-game menu and adapt your button bindings however you like.

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