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The Berserker is an advanced class under the Warrior class. This is one of Lost Ark's heavy-hitters, with its Mayhem Engraving build being one of the most popular in the game right now.

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This guide covers how the Berserker plays, some of the best abilities and Tripods, as well as a short look over a sample Berserker build.

Class Overview

Berserkers are a wild force on the battlefield. They wield a giant great sword and deal huge damage with large AoE attacks, albeit with a slow animation time for certain attacks.

Enter into the rage-induced Berserker mode, and you can sweep through huge pools of enemies with ease. Attack speed and critical damage chance are boosted massively in this form. This is basically the Berserker's power mode, and it's filled by attacking enemies. The brand new Berserker Mayhem Engraving rework has made this one of the most popular classes in Lost Ark currently. Of course, these balance changes are always subject to further updates. As we have been told a million times: don't play a class because it's meta, because next week there'll be a new meta.

Overall, the Berserker is a relatively simple class to play with the potential to become a PvE or PvP powerhouse.


  • Simple, easy-to-learn mechanics
  • Berserker mode is very satisfying in PvE
  • Can be used in both PvE and PvP


  • Long animations for most attacks
  • Long cooldowns for burst damage

Best Berserker Engravings

Engravings are passive buffs that increase the customization of your class tenfold. We'll run over some of the best Berserker Engravings below. First up, the two class bonus Engravings. These impact your "Burst" ability, or your Berserker-mode, i.e your Identity Skill.

Berserker's Technique Mayhem
  • Level 1: While Bursting, Crit Damage is increased by 30%. Removes Exhaustion when Burst ends.
  • Level 2: While Bursting, Crit Damage is increased by 40%. Removes Exhaustion after Burst ends.
  • Level 3: While Bursting, Crit Damage is increased by 50 percent. Removes Exhaustion when Burst ends.
  • Rage is always full, with damage increased by 4% at level 1, 9% at level 2, and 18% at level 3. Attack speed and movement speed increased by 15%. Reduces max HP to 25%, but you take 65% less damage.

The new version of Mayhem is very popular at the moment after a total rework of the Berserker class. Berserker's Technique is now the much less commonly used class Engraving out of the two.

Mayhem allows you to have a permanent rage mode. You take a lot less damage, but your health is also reduced by a massive 75%. This turns the Berserker into a much, much squishier class. You balance out increased damage with reduced survivability. Does it really matter? No. No it doesn't. The Mayhem Berserker is a lot of fun to play.

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Considering the popularity of the Mayhem Engraving build in the current meta, you should use these Engravings alongside to get the most out of your build. These are always subject to change and the balance meta of Lost Ark does change, albeit fairly infrequently.

Grudge Keen Blunt Weapon Cursed Doll
  • Level 3: All damage increased by 20% to Boss or above monsters. Damage increased by 20% from Boss or above monsters.
  • Level 3: 50% extra Crit Damage, but your regular attacks deal 20% less damage.
  • Level 3: Attack power is increased by 16% but all incoming healing is reduced by 25%.

These are easily the most common Engravings you'll see in Lost Ark. Grudge and Cursed Doll are pretty much staples in Tier 1 content, and Keen Blunt Weapon is idea for any crit-heavy burst-damage class, which the Berserker most certainly is if you're playing in Mayhem mode.

Best Berserker Skills

We're going to provide a very simple PvE skill build here for the Berserker - just something to help you get started. We'll cover these in more depth in our PvE, PvP, and general Berserker build guides. This doesn't reflect the Mayhem build in particular. That will be detailed separately.

This is what we call the "spin-to-win" build, mostly designed to make the most out of Whirlwind while you level. Check out the different Tripod skills (unique enhancing perks for each skill, essentially) to see how we've crafted this build to dominate in PvE.

Skill Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Shoulder Charge
  • Dash forward 7m and deal damage on the way.
Shield Effect
  • A shield that lasts for 5 seconds. Absorbs up to 15% damage of your max health.
  • A finishing blow, deals 100% damage and knocks opponents down.
  • This deals massive physical damage in one blow.
Enhanced Attack
  • Damage done by Execution is increased by 20%, but it takes 0.5 sec longer to cast.
Find Weakness
  • Deals 40% more damage to enemies immune to stun and knockback.
Confirm Dead
  • Transforms Execution into a combo skill. There is now two blows. Second blow deals 150% damage but cooldown is increased by 6 sec.
Tempest Slash Quickly Prepare
  • Skill cooldown is reduced by 5 sec.
Find Weakness
  • Deals 40% more damage to enemies immune to stun and knockback.
Raging Storm
  • You no longer move forward, but jumps instead, spinning the sword three times. Overall damage is increased by 60%.
Mountain Crash Focus
  • On activating this skill, you gain 100% more rage.
Prepare Fast Attack
  • If you deal damage with this skill, you get an attack speed bonus of 20% for 3 sec.
Ground Collision
  • AoE pull that deals 12% damage every second for 6 sec.
Hell Blade Jump
  • Adds a jump of 8m to the skill.
  • Adds in extra damage to those enemies in your Pillar of Anger AoE (10% over 3 seconds, and can stack 5 times.)
Ground Flip
  • Combo for an extra elemental damage of 80% more than the base value.
Wind Blade Quickly Prepare
  • Skill cooldown is reduced by 5 sec.
  • On activating this skill, you gain 100% more rage.
Wind Swift
  • An extra spin and forward movement with an increase of 40% in damage.
Strike Wave Wave
  • Increase the damage of this skill by 30%.
Limit Break
  • Doubles prep-time (charge time) but increases damage by 40%.
Ground Flip
  • Combo for an extra elemental damage of 80% more than the base value.
Red Dust Quickly Prepare
  • Skill cooldown is reduced by 5 sec.
Vital Attack
  • Once you do damage with this skill, all attacks have a better critical strike chance - 20% for 6 sec.
Red Wave
  • Damage is increased by 125%.

Some skills appear a lot, like Quickly Prepare and Focus. This is just a rough overview of what you can do with Lost Ark's complex skill tree. You can find out more in our dedicated Berserker build guide.

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