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Lost Ark's Striker is an upcoming class in the Western release of the game, a subclass underneath the 'Martial Artist' class. The Striker is a fast-paced melee character.

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This class guide covers a detailed overview of what to expect when you choose the Striker as your main in Lost Ark. Follow-up guides will go into more detail regarding builds and play styles. This is just designed to give you an idea of what the class is all about.

Like all our Lost Ark class overviews, we monitor any changes to the game and have updated these guides to be accurate for the launch of the NA/EU version of the game.

Striker Class Overview

The Striker is a subclass for the 'Martial Artist' class. In terms of where the Striker stands in PvP and PvE, it's a popular PvP class and sees less use in PvE. However, like all classes in Lost Ark, there are suitable builds for each gameplay type.

In terms of utility, the Striker really specializes in CC. This is why he's so useful in PvP. With a number of attacks that keep your enemies pinned down, you're playing an offensive role that should target healers and other squishy opponents.

The Striker's specialty gauge stacks from attacks and abilities, generating Elemental Orbs. You might see these called Chakras or energy while reading through other guides. You can store three elemental at any time, four if you use the Deathblow class engraving. These are then used up when you activate Esoteric skills, high-damage abilities that can only be activated when your Elemental bar is full or partially full.

The Striker play style is essentially: use non-special abilities to generate Chakra/energy/Elemental orbs, then use ultimate abilities for max damage. Rinse and repeat.


  • Powerful class in PvP due to high burst damage and plenty of CC
  • Lots of mobility skills/abilities for kiting in PvP
  • Relatively simple combo mechanics


  • Pretty squishy class lacking defensive stats
  • Requires stacked Speciality stat to really kick off
  • The 'back-attack' abilities are pretty difficult to hit consistently, will take practice to perfect

Best Striker Engravings

Here we take a look at the class Engravings for the Striker, as well as some recommended Engravings for both PvE and PvP builds.

Class Engravings

The Striker has two Class Engravings: Esoteric Flurry and Deathblow.

Esoteric Flurry Deathblow
  • Level 1: Esoteric Skill damage is reduced by -15 percent, but only 1 Orb is consumed.
  • Level 2: Esoteric Skill damage is reduced by -8 percent, but only 1 Orb is consumed.
  • Level 3: Only one Orb is used up with an Esoteric Skill.
  • Level 1: Increase Elemental Orb by 1. Esoteric skills consume ALL Orbs but increase damage by 17 percent for each Orb consumed.
  • Level 2: Increase Elemental Orb by 1. Esoteric skills consume ALL Orbs but increase damage by 26 percent for each Orb consumed.
  • Level 3: Increase Elemental Orb by 1. Esoteric skills consume All Orbs but increase damage by 35 percent for each Orb consumed.

Suggested Engravings For The Striker

Grudge Grudge is almost a must-have for any PvE role, and a must-have if you are playing Striker as a PvE class. It increases damage by 20 percent to Boss level or above monsters, while also reducing incoming damage by 20 percent.
Spirit Absorption Spirit Absorption increases max Attack and Move speed by 15 percent. With a max level Spirit Absorption as well as Runes and the right abilities, the Striker becomes one of the fastest classes in the game. Ideal for PvP.
Master Of Ambush The Striker's back attack abilities are very powerful and need to be mastered if you want to succeed with the class. Master Of Ambush increases back attack damage by 25 percent.
Heavy Armor Equipment Feel like the Striker is just too squishy for you? Heavy Armor Equipment is a simple way to boost the class' defensive stats. All defense is increased by 150 percent.

The Engravings will change depending on whether you're playing the class in a PvE or PvP role. You will find more detailed breakdowns of the best engravings for the different playstyles on our best Striker build guides.

Best Striker Skills

The Striker has a range of skills available. This is just a breakdown of what a simple skill loadout might look like on a high-level Striker character. Pay attention to the Esoteric skills - these are essential, high-powered skills that are boosted by your Elemental gauge.

The below skill build is a meta PvP build right now on KR and RU servers.

Skill Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Storm Dragon Awakening
  • A juggling ability - an attack that deals damage twice and knocks the opponent into the air.
Excellent Mobility
  • Extra movement with the first kick
Easy Target
  • Increased damage to pushed foes (50 percent extra)
Fallen Flower Gak
  • Increases damage on the last attack in the chain, if you hit an enemy with the last hit the enemy is thrown back into the air
Berserk Circle
  • A jumping attack and ground strike, any opponent in the AoE is launched into the air for extra damage
Wide Strike
  • Increases AoE radius of the attack
  • Immediate attack and extra explosion before the first hit
Glacial Explosion
  • Turns the attack into a Water element, creating an ice explosion that freezes opponents. Skill cool down up by 6 percent, damage increased by 40 percent
Lightning Whisper
  • Mobility skill, roll forward and create a lightning attack, dealing damage and reducing crit resistance
Elemental Extortion
  • Increases mana cost but increases elemental meter by 25 percent on hit, good for stacking your bar
Sleeping Ascent Celebration
  • Knock up attack that you can change direction mid-ability, essential for juggle meta
Wide Strike
  • Increases AoE radius of the attack
Quick Preparation
  • Decreases cooldown
Leaf Sweep
  • Combo attack, hits in a wide area and knocks down nearby opponents
Swift Wind Kick
  • Spinning kick attack, inflict damage in the air, you can move while activating this skill and change direction
Lightning Round Kick
  • Changes element to Lightning. Increases crit rate.
Wide Strike
  • Increases AoE radius of the attack
Furious Spin Axis
  • Jump attack with a matching slam, increases overall damage output
Esoteric Skill: Lightning Tiger Strike
  • Essential back-attack skill, empowered by your gauge - knocks opponents into the air and deals damage
Single Strike
  • Damage is increased when targeting a single foe
  • When you use the skill, you are granted Push immunity
Consecutive Kick
  • Use the skill immediately again for an extra attack
Moon Flash Kick
  • Movement ability with some CC, rapid attacks, and combo attacks
Intense Shock
  • Changes element to lightning. Can change direction while using, and knocks opponents airborne.
Excellent Mobility
  • Extra movement with the first kick
Full Moon Kick
  • Normal mode attack. Charge forward and spin, dealing extra damage
Lightning Kick
  • Multiple attacks Lightning element, downed foes are lifted into the air, and airborne foes are slammed into the ground
Elemental Extortion
  • Increases mana cost but increases elemental meter by 25 percent on hit, good for stacking your bar
Thunder Kick
  • Deals extra damage to enemies slammed down from the air
Flashing Lightning
  • Increases the attack to an AoE with 8m radius, deals extra damage

This is a sample Striker build, although to fully refine the class you will have to work with Runes. You will find more detailed build guides in our Lost Ark Striker class best builds.

Here's a look at the Striker's two Awakening skills.

  • Ultimate Skill: Explosive Heat Awakening - Move forward and strike four times in total, dealing damage. However, if you miss your first hit, the rest will miss as well. Don't miss it.
  • Ultimate Skill: True Heavenly Awakening - Deals damage twice and sends opponents airborne with a powerful kick. Easier to hit this one, but less damage overall.

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