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Welcome to the Wardancer, an advanced class under the Martial Artist tree in Lost Ark. The Wardancer is a fast-paced melee character with some useful party-based buffs to improve your team in PvE and PvP.

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Much like the other Martial Artist classes, the Wardancer has some balanced builds between PvE and PvP, has a charging gauge for special abilities, and is fairly squishy. This guide covers an overview of everything you need to know about the class.

We've updated this article multiple times to bring this Wardancer class overview in line with what you can expect with the NA/EU launch version of Lost Ark.

Wardancer Class Overview

The Wardancer is a high-mobility, high burst damage, melee class that really shines in PvP arenas, although there are suitable builds for PvE. The Wardancer can build her power gauge and then unleash high-powered special abilities. Like other classes in Lost Ark, your playstyle is determined by your choice of Engraving. You'll find that the Wardancer has a fair bit of downtime between bursts, so be aware of this before you begin leveling. This guide is designed to help you make the right choice before you start working on your main. So here is our tip: during high-level endgame content you will spend your time, well, not doing much at all.

The Wardancer's playstyle is determined by whether you opt for the Engraving that grants you more Orbs in your gauge (Esoteric Skill Enhancement), or the Engraving that removes the gauge entirely (First Intention). We will cover this in more detail below, but in short: the meta Wardancer build relies mostly on the second Engraving, empowering your ordinary attacks. It provides more consistent damage but is a pretty dull playstyle compared to some other Lost Ark classes.


  • High mobility
  • A good string of combo abilities and damage for PvP
  • Decent burst damage


  • Quite straightforward gameplay, not the most exciting class
  • Squishy
  • If you miss your burst, you're essentially wasting your time
  • The Wardancer also has a string of back-attacks that are harder to hit

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Best Engravings For The Wardancer

Like all other classes in Lost Ark, the Wardancer has two class engravings. These are Esoteric Skill Enhancement and First Intention. Here's a detailed overview of each Engraving.

Esoteric Skill Enhancement First Intention
  • Level 1: Increases Elemental orbs by 1. Esoteric skills inflict 8 percent more damage for every orb you currently have.
  • Level 2: Increase damage by 10 percent for each orb.
  • Level 3: Increase damage by 12 percent for each orb.
  • Level 1: All damage output increased by 15 percent, but you can't earn Elemental orbs anymore.
  • Level 2: All damage output increased by 20 percent.
  • Level 3: All damage output increased by 25 percent.

The Esoteric Skill Enhancement engraving is hardly used at all. This is mostly because its mild damage buffs are just not as strong as the buffs from First Intention. However, using the First Intention engraving does mean some of those more interesting Esoteric skills are less impactful. As it currently stands, however, you will be hard-pressed to find a build that features the Esoteric Skill Enhancement engraving. First Intention is by far the more popular Engraving.

We should point out that Lost Ark has an incredibly flexible class build system and a lot of versatility when it comes to deciding how you want to play. Just because something isn't 'meta' it doesn't mean it's not viable. If you really like the Wardancer, it pays to experiment with the class and decide for yourself what sort of playstyle you want to go for. Then you can start looking at more advanced builds.

Best Wardancer Skills

The Wardancer has applicable builds for both PvE and PvP, although she is typically more common as a PvP class. However, PvP is usually determined by a set template, so we've outlined a very simple skill build for the Wardancer below to give you an idea of what your build might end up looking like. We will go into more detail about abilities, leveling order, and runes in our best Wardancer build guides.

Skill Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Call Of The Wind God
  • A tornado attack with an AoE pull. You can move while casting
Lightning Storm
  • Changes element to Lightning. Has a chance of dealing extra damage.
Growth Attack
  • Extra damage percentage increase
Raging Storms
  • AoE blast that also knocks opponents into the air
Sky Shattering Blow
  • Roundhouse kick attack that can send opponents into the air with second activation
Ascension Kick
  • 2nd strike with ability also knocks opponents into the air, the distance of the attack and duration are increased
Lightning Kick
  • A multi-tier attack that knocks opponents into the air, and slams airborne opponents into the ground for extra damage
Sharp Movement
  • Allows the player to change direction while using this ability, extra move distance
Thunder Kick
  • Inflicts 30 percent damage on enemies slammed into the ground from the air
Flash Lightning
  • Charge attack that deals extra damage, AoE damage and damage increase over time
Moon Flash Kick
  • Mobility attack with multiple stages, including a back attack, has to be activated multiple times
Intense Shock
  • Changes element to Lightning. Can change direction while using, and knocks opponents into the air with electric damage
Excellent Mobility
  • Reduces cooldown and increases movement distance
Full Moon Kick
  • Normal mode attack. Charge attack with a spin that deals 250 percent weapon damage
Sleeping Ascent Celebration
  • Combo ability that has an upwards kick and ability that launches opponents into the air, can be changed direction mid-ability
Wide Strike
  • Increases attack radius
Quick Prep
  • Reduces cooldown
Leaf Sweep
  • Windmill attack with 360 directional damage
Wind's Whisper
  • Provides a buff to your party members with a certain radius, increasing Attack Speed and Movement Speed
Blessing Of The Wind
  • When you activate this skill, increase your own attack speed for a short duration
Warrior's Courage
  • Makes the effect impact all party members within a large radius
  • Summons an Aura of Wind which inflicts AoE damage around your character, inflicts Push
Swift Wind Kick
  • Spinning air kick, dealing damage multiple times, and you can change direction (back-attack)
Water Round Kick
  • Changes attack element to Water. Reduces foes attack speed by 20 percent and move speed by 40 percent for 4 secs on hit
Quick Prep
  • Reduces cooldown
Furious Spin Axis
  • Jump diagonally with 4 spinning kicks, slam down on foes and increase all outgoing damage by 30 percent
Energy Combustion
  • Pushes foes away and covers you in an aura that deals damage to nearby enemies
Quick Pace
  • Movement speed boost when you activate this skill
Skill Reduction
  • Massively reduce cooldown at the cost of duration
Last Whisper
  • The aura explodes at the end of duration, dealing extra damage and knocks enemies into the air

There are also two Awakening skills to choose from on the Wardancer:

  • Flash Rage Blow - Dash attack then hold the ability to deal consistent damage, as well as a Shockwave that knocks players back. Charge up ability.
  • Fist Of Dominance - Pulls foes close to you. Mobility ability that lets you move quickly past enemies. The final blow knocks opponents backward.

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