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Welcome to the Scrapper, an advanced class under the Martial Artist class. Once known as Infighter, the Scrapper is a release class for Lost Ark in NA/EU. It is similar in many ways to the other fighter classes, except the Scrapper comes with two huge fists for punching your enemies.

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The Scrapper has some decent damage output, as well as huge Stagger buffs for you and your party. This is a mechanic that lets you stagger bosses for potential big damage bursts - it's what makes the Scrapper a lot of fun to play. Here's our rundown and overview.

Scrapper Class Overview

The Scrapper is a big, punchy class with a lot of damage and utility - namely what we mentioned above, the Stagger buffs. Stagger is a mechanic in Lost Ark that allows players to knock down enemies and bosses. The Scrapper has this on the class' abilities as well as buffs for their teammates.

In short, the Scrapper applies buffs to herself and teammates and applies debuffs to the boss. Walk in, punch the boss to pieces (your kit has a lot of push/stagger resistance), and repeat.

In terms of the Scrapper's gauge, she has two: a Yellow bar and a Green bar. Yellow skills boost the yellow bar, green boosts the green bar. These are Stamina and Shock skills. The skills do different things, usually determined by your Engravings. We will go into detail about this below.


  • Great damage output, and fairly sustained damage
  • Lots of Stagger - essential for clearing some boss Stagger checks
  • Lots of Super Armor for sticking close to the boss


  • Two unique playstyles that depend on your Engraving, which means a bit of a learning curve
  • You need to hit your self buffs, otherwise the class is pretty weak
  • Managing the identity gauge is a bit more complicated than just button mashing

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Best Scrapper Engravings

In this section, we'll go over some recommended Engravings for the Scrapper as well as a breakdown of the two class Engravings that determine the way you'll play the class.

Scrapper Class Engravings

Taijutsu (Yellow Bar) Shock Training (Green Bar)
  • Level 1: Natural Stamina recovery of 300 percent. Stamina skill damage increased by 30 percent, Shock skill reduced by 30 percent.
  • Level 2: Recovery of 450 percent, Stamina skill damage increase of 45 percent, shock skill damage reduced by 30 percent.
  • Level 3: Natural Stamina recovery of 600 percent, Stamina skill damage increased to 60 percent, Shock skill damage reduced to 30 percent.
  • Level 1: Shock skill damage increased by 10 percent. 2 percent of max shock energy recovered every 1 second.
  • Level 2: Shock skill damage increased by 15 percent. 3 percent of max shock energy recovered every 1 second.
  • Level 3: Shock skill damage increased by 20 percent. 4 percent of max shock energy recovered every 1 second.

As you can see, the abilities of the Scrapper are split right down the middle with these Engravings. Here's a very brief overview of both playstyles.

  • Taijutsu - Fast-paced, lots of button mashing, high mobility. With the right combo of moves/mobility, you can survive for a pretty long time. Low cooldowns with a lot of spammed abilities and buffs.
  • Shock Training - Lots of hard-hitting skills with longer cooldowns, a balanced playstyle of attack, buff, mobility, repeat. A pretty powerful burst damage window.

Suggested Engravings For The Scrapper

Here are some suggested Engravings to run alongside your class Engraving. You will notice these are fairly similar if you've already looked at other class overviews for the Martial Artist role.

Grudge Increases damage by 20 percent for Boss or above monsters. Essential for a PvE build.
Cursed Doll Attack power increase of 16 percent at max level, which reduces incoming healing by 25 percent. This is also essential for that massive attack damage boost.
Spirit Absorption Attack and move speed increased by 15 percent. Lots of fun in Martial Artist classes.
Master Of Ambush Like many of the fighter classes, a lot of the Scrapper's roster of attacks are backstabbing. Best to take this engraving to boost their damage. 25 percent extra damage for successful back attacks.

Best Scrapper Skills

We've put together a sample high-level PvE Scrapper skill list to give you an idea of what sort of playstyles you can expect with the class, as well as a brief guide on which skills to pick. We will go into more detail with our Scrapper best build guides.

The below skill list is based on a PvE raid Scrapper build, taking the Shock Training Engraving for a boost to Shock damage skills.

Skill Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Charging Blow
  • Charge attack with some damage
Ready Attack
  • Increases attack damage on final attack increased
Dragon Advent
  • Fire element attack with a leap within a small radius and knocks opponents down when hit
Moment Of Truth
  • Increases Stamina consumption, but increases outgoing damage
Conflagration Attack
  • Creates an aura of flame around your character after a downward attack, AoE fire damage
Fierce Tiger Strike
  • Swift attack with a knockdown
Amplified Damage
  • When you land an attack with this ability, improve all damage from your party members for a short duration
  • Move forward a short distance
Rough Smash
  • Each hit increases attack power for a short duration
Instant Hit
  • A fast front attack with a stun for a short period
Stamina Control
  • Reduces stamina consumption of the ability
Counter Effect
  • Removes Stun effects from your character as well as increases damage to Push-Immune foes (mostly bosses)
Tracking Instinct
  • Jump forward a short distance to attack
Earthquake Chain
  • A ground stomp attack that deals AoE damage and knocks down enemies
Undying Power
  • Changes element to Fire. Burn effect on nearby enemies who are hit by the ability
  • Spin attack with a downward slice, extra damage if the ability is a direct hit
Powerful Earthquake
Battering Fists
  • A back attack that deals damage in multiple parts, as well as a short dash
Capture Opportunity
  • Last attack deals extra damage
Red Explosion
  • Damage increased to Push-Immune foes by a large amount
  • Damage +100 percent
Iron Cannon Blow
  • Back Attack with multiple damage instances, while moving forward slightly
Overflowing Power
  • Increases damage by 30 percent
Quick Prep
  • Cooldown reduced
Advance Enhancement
  • Increases move distance, attack speed, and boost last attack to deal extra damage against Push-Immune enemies
Death Rattle
  • Releases Shock gauge to deal damage, with an increase of damage depending on your amount of stored energy
Quick Prep
  • Cooldown reduced
Single Strike
  • Damage increased against a single target
Shock Explosion
  • Bonus damage based on your amount of Shock meter when the ability is activated

This is a sample PvE build for the Scrapper, based on the Shock Engraving. There are also two options for the Awakening skills.

  • Undefeated Dragon King - A huge AoE attack that deals massive damage while you speed toward the destination.
  • Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination - This large AoE attack knocks enemies back and deals damage depending on how close/how far the enemies are from the shockwave.

We will go into more detail in our best Scrapper build guides.

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