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Welcome to Soulfist, an advanced class underneath the Martial Artist tree in Lost Ark. It's a highly mobile class that specializes in both melee and ranged attacks through the use of a glowing, powerful medallion.

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The Soulfist is a very strong PvP carry and is more than capable of solo carrying a team in arenas. However, it takes some commitment to refine your playstyle, as it has a pretty high skill ceiling with potentially massive damage output. Soulfist also provides a lot of heavy-hitting damage in PvE endgame raids. This class overview tells you everything you need to know about picking Soulfist as your main.

We continue to monitor and update this guide according to the current patch state on the EU/NA version of Lost Ark.

Soulfist Class Overview

Want to deal massive damage and carry your team to victory in PvP arenas? Soulfist is one of the best in the game for just this type of playstyle, but she's difficult to master. You will need full commitment to the Soulfist to get the most out of the class.

The Soulfist has powerful burst damage and combos but a serious lack of survivability. You will need to make the most of her mobility to survive incoming enemy damage.

In terms of PvE, the Soulfist relies heavily on the Awakening skills to deal damage. However, if you miss with this skill (which, by the way, is easier than you think), you're going to be waiting around doing tickle-level numbers of damage until your cooldown is refreshed.

Identity Gauge

The Soulfit's identity gauge is called Energy, or Ki if you're using the KR/Russian translations. You fill it up by hitting abilities and then activate three separate stages, buffing attack damage and speed. These stages are known as 'Hype Modes', although this also goes by different names depending on your server. Energy is expended at an okay pace, but the best Soulfist players rotate their energy consumption by activating their identity gauge. It takes a bit of getting used to.


  • Soulfist is one of the most reliably meta PvP classes in the game and has been largely unchanged since launch
  • High damage, lots of cool abilities that feel strong (even if you do little damage when off your cooldowns)
  • Can capably carry a team in PvP


  • Squishy, lack of survivability
  • Hard to master - rotating cooldowns, getting in and out at the right time, and hitting your Awakening in PvE takes a bit of practice

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Best Soulfist Engravings

Like every other class in Lost Ark, your playstyle with Soulfist is largely determined by your choice of Engravings, specifically the class Engravings. Here's a look at what this class has on offer.

Energy Overflow Robust Spirit
  • Level 1: Energy never drops below 1, but any additional Energy that is recovered is not applied during Hype. If your Energy is below 30 percent, you deal an extra 5 percent damage to enemies.
  • Level 2: If your Energy is below 30 percent, you deal an extra 10 percent damage to enemies.
  • Level 3: If your Energy is below 30 percent, you deal an extra 15 percent damage to enemies
  • Level 1: When in Hype mode, you will enter level 3 immediately. You recover Energy 200 percent faster and have a damage increase of 15 percent while in Hype Mode.
  • Level 2: 25 percent damage increase in Hype Mode.
  • Level 3: 35 percent damage increase in Hype Mode.

These two class Engravings impact your playstyle completely.

  • Energy Overflow - This Engraving is not used very often as Robust Spirit is by far the more reliable Engraving for landing big damage with your World Decimation Awakening skill. Energy Overflow is harder to use. It requires a lot more micromanagement of your energy.
  • Robust Spirit - This Engraving lends itself to a burst damage build. You rely on your cooldowns and Hype Mode refresh to boost your damage by a massive 35 percent for the short duration you're in the mode. Rinse and repeat. This is the more popular class Engraving for the Soulfist.

The other recommended Engravings are as follows. These are really go-to Engravings for most classes in PvE. You can find out alternative Engravings and specific builds in our best Soulfist build guides.

  • At level 3, Awakening reduces skill cooldown by 50% and gives you three more uses. This is essential for Soulfist which heavily relies on your Awakening skill to do burst damage.
  • At level 3, Grudge increases your damage against Boss level or above monsters by 20 percent, while also reducing incoming damage by 20%. Pretty standard for PvE.
Cursed Doll
  • At level 3, Cursed Doll increases all attack power by 16% but reduces incoming healing. This is not that common in high level raids, but it's a good place to start during your first endgame runs.
Spirit Absorption
  • At level 3, Spirit Absorption increases attack and movement speed by 15%.

Alternate Engravings include:

  • Backstabbing Master, Steady State, Blitz Commander

Best Soulfist Skills

We've put together a sample skillset for a late-game Soulfist build to give you an idea of what sort of stuff you'll be pulling off as this class. This skillset requires 300 skill points.

Ability Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Pulverizing Palm
  • Dash ability with back attack, deals extra damage to airborne enemies
Excellent Mobility
  • Increases dash distance
Fighting Spirit Enhancement
  • Provides party buffs for attack power to all party members within a set radius
Heavenly Squash
  • A huge palm attack that deals AoE damage, extra damage to foes on the ground/in the air.
Hard Hitter
  • Increases energy cost but provides extra outgoing damage
Harsh Training
  • The attack charges up quicker and will now Paralyze enemies rather than Trip them
Scintillating Attack
  • Increases AoE damage and drops extra palms for damage
Flash Step
  • Mobility move, deals damage and launches enemies into the air again if they are already airborne, use again to activate repeatedly
Excellent Mobility
  • Increases dash distance
Victory Shout
  • Increases attack power when activated, boosts stack 3x
Palm Burst
  • Inflicts heavy damage and pushes your character backward, good evasion ability
Quick Prep
  • Reduces cooldown
  • Reduces incoming damage and increases outgoing damage to Push-affected enemies
Force Orb
  • A ranged attack that fires a ball, knocks down enemies
Efficient Striker
  • Energy cost is reduced
Powerful wave
  • Increases damage
Scattering Wave
  • Increases ability spread and overall outgoing damage
Lightning Palm
  • Deals damage and knocks back any airborne enemies
Efficient Striker
  • Energy cost is reduced
Wide Strike
  • Increases AoE radius of the ability
Merciless Hands
  • Increases outgoing damage but takes longer to charge the ability
Merciless Pummel
  • Move forward a short distance with a tri-directional attack, you can change direction while attacking
Hard Hitter
  • Increases energy cost but provides extra outgoing damage
  • The last attack is doubled, increasing your damage
Double Up
  • Creates a double-image, increases overall damage but increases cooldown time
Energy Release
  • A buff ability that reduces incoming damage to all party members for a short period
Quick Prep
  • Reduces cooldown
Energy Release Enhancement
  • An extra reduction of incoming damage for party members
Ready Attack
  • Increases attack power for a short period of time

This is just a sample skillset build for an endgame raid/PvE Soulfist build. We go into more detail in our best Soulfist build guide.

Soulfist Leveling Skills & Guide

Clearing PvE content is all about AoE damage and maximizing your skills where possible. Aim to grab level three Tripods in your abilities - it's better to have fewer high level skills than it is a wide spread of skills at a lower Tripod level. Some Tripods hugely impact the power of the ability.

  • Flash Step is your best bet for mobility.
  • Heavenly Squash is a very powerful AoE ability.
  • The other recommended leveling abilities include Magnetic Palm, Deadly Finger, and Lightning Palm.

For most PvE content you want to have a skill rotation of buffs then AoE damage. When you use your Awakening World Decimation, make sure you're in the highest hype-level to deal maximum damage.

Soulfist Awakening Skills

Here are the Soulfist's two Awakening skills.

  • World Decimation - World Decimation is the preferred Awakening skill in almost every scenario. This massive AoE hitter deals huge damage, but is notoriously difficult to hit, especially on big Raid bosses who just love to move at the last minute. Much of the Soulfist's kit relies on hitting this, though, so you better practice.
  • Annihilating Ray - The Annihilating Ray is much more reliable in terms of hitting your enemies, but the death ray deals a lot less damage, and, quite frankly, is a lot less fun to use.

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