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The debate about whether to play Deadeye, Sharpshooter, or Gunslinger rages on in the Lost Ark community. This class overview is designed to give you a better idea of what exactly Deadeye is, and what the class does best.

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This guide covers a playstyle and class overview of Deadeye's mechanics, a look at how the Engravings impact the class, as well as a sample PvE Deadeye build to give you an idea of what to expect.

Deadeye Class Overview

Deadeye is an advanced class under the Gunner tree. Much like the Gunslinger, Deadeye has access to a rotation of three weapons - a pair of handguns, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle.

These weapons are typically utilized for these roles:

  • Pistols - debuffs, buffs, and mobility (crit chance for Deadeye as well)
  • Shotgun - Burst damage, makes up the substantial part of Deadeye's damage
  • Rifle - Also called a sniper rifle, this provides the class with some range

In short, Deadeye has a lot of mobility and plenty of burst close-range damage thanks to some decent shotty abilities and tripods, and is a viable class in both PvE and PvP.

Despite these positives, Deadeye is not the easiest class to play. His kit relies heavily on back attacks and, despite being a ranged character, his main damage-dealing abilities do drop off at longer ranges. A recent buff has encouraged players to try out pistol and rifle builds, but the shotgun still reigns supreme for close-range burst damage.

Deadeye Identity Skill

Like the Gunslinger, the Deadeye class has a weapon stance switch as its identity gauge and skill. Mastering Deadeye is all about knowing when to rotate abilities, manage buffs and debuffs, and keep your weapon stance changing to maximize cooldown reduction and timing.


  • High burst damage
  • Lots of mobility (has a double dodge and the pistols for extra mobility)
  • Specializing in providing crit buffs for the whole party
  • Feels flexible to play with weapon stance changes


  • Relies heavily on back attacks
  • You have to get close with the shotgun to achieve max damage
  • Squishy and low defense, which means getting close to a boss can be real bad news

Best Deadeye Engravings

Here's a breakdown of the Deadeye's two class Engravings to get us started.

Enhanced Weapon Pistoleer
  • At level 3, every time you change weapon stance you get an extra 30% extra crit rate for 9 seconds.
  • Increases overall damage to enemies by 40%, but you can only activate the Handgun stance.

Even after some buffs to the Pistols, removing two thirds of your kit with the Pistoleer Engraving feels pretty bad on the Deadeye. It's not the meme it once was, and you can use it to clear a lot of the content in the game, but it still feels weak in comparison, and more importantly, pretty boring. That's why you'll see Enhanced Weapon as the top pick for PvE builds across the majority of the endgame content, including Dungeons and Raids.

Here's a look at other recommended Engravings to use on the Deadeye.

Grudge At level 3, Grudge increases your damage by 20% to Boss level or above monsters, while also reducing incoming damage by 20%. It's an extremely common Engraving for PvE content.
Cursed Doll At level 3, Cursed Doll provides an attack power buff of 16% but reduces incoming healing by %25. Another popular Engraving - this might be swapped out in certain builds for endgame Raids.
Master Of Ambush At level 3, Master of Ambush increases damage by 25% for successful back attacks - essential for the Deadeye's back attack burst damage Shotgun playstyle.
Keen Blunt Weapon At level 3, Keen Blunt Weapon provides an extra 50% crit damage but increases the chance that your regular attacks do 20% less damage.

Best Deadeye Skills

Below is a sample skillset for a 240-300 skill point Deadeye build suitable for starter-level Raids. We will cover specific PvE, PvP, Leveling and endgame build guides in our more advanced Deadeye build guide.

Ability Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
AT02 Grenade
  • Throw a grenade - that simple. It deals AoE damage. Can Freeze with the right Tripod.
Wide Explosion
  • Increases explosion size by 20%
Freeze Grenade
  • Changes ability element to Water. Reduces damage by 67% but freezes enemies for 3 seconds. Good utility here.
  • Fire your pistols in an AoE arc - Back Attack
Weakness Exposure
  • Buffs your party by reducing crit resistance of enemies for all party members, -10% for 12 seconds
Enemy Raid
  • 360 attack, increased damage to enemies below Challenger level is increased by 145%
Vital Point Shot
  • Increases crit rate by 95%
Spiral Tracker
  • Spinning pistol attack ability used to apply debuffs
Weakness Exposure
  • Buffs your party by reducing crit resistance of enemies for all party members, -10% for 12 seconds
Last Request
  • Large AoE damage attack which propels enemies into the air
Incendiary Bomb
  • Changes element to Fire, inflicts burn damage
  • Attack speed increase of 20%, you move forward a short distance and deals extra damage against staggered enemies
  • Fires 3 separate volleys at the enemy, increasing outgoing damage by 119%
Shotgun Dominator
  • Deals damage with the shotguns and knocks enemies back
Close Shot
  • Increases damage to close enemies by 45%
Weak Point Detection
  • Damage increased to Push-Immune enemies by 70% - great for boss fights and high-level mobs
The Ruler
  • Reduces attack range by 20% but introduces a "perfect zone", deals potentially 300% extra outgoing damage
Sign Of Apocalypse
  • Close-range back attack with shotguns, some AoE
Close Shot
  • Increases damage to close enemies by 45%
Quick Preparation
  • Reduces cooldown for 8 seconds
Approached Apocalypse
  • Increases damage to Push-Immune enemies by 120%
Perfect Shot
  • Charged up shot with a perfect zone, will knock back foes if perfect zone shot
Muscle Spasm
  • If you hit a perfect shot the stagger impact lasts a skill longer
Precision Shot
  • Shorter period to hit Perfect Zone, but if you do, you get 80% increased crit rate
Prepared Shooter
  • Quicker time to perfect zone
Shotgun Rapid Fire
  • Burst fire from the shotgun, push back on last shot
Close Shot
  • Increases damage to nearby foes by 45%
Quick Preparation
  • Reduces cooldown by 8 seconds
Special Bullet
  • Increases damage to push immune enemies by 120%

Here's a closer look at the Deadeye's two Awakening skills.

  • Clay Bombardment - Multiple explosive attack, deals AoE damage and launches enemies into the air.
  • Bursting Flare - Large attack that deals damage multiple times, has high stagger.

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