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The Sharpshooter is a ranged DPS class in Lost Ark that relies on advanced bows and unique arrows to deal damage. In short, that means you're going to be dealing mostly ranged/long-range damage, with a few close-range abilities thrown in there as well.

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This class overview covers some basic class mechanics for the Sharpshooter, as well as a look at playstyles, Engravings, and a sample skill build. This is not designed as an advanced class guide, but rather as a "Here's an overview to help you decide whether you want to play the ranged warrior."

We continue to update and monitor this class overview to make sure that all the information is up-to-date for the launch of Lost Ark in the NA/EU regions.

Sharpshooter Class Overview

Welcome to the Sharpshooter, formerly known as Hawkeye on the Russian servers. This class specializes in long-range attacks with a variety of perfect-zone abilities and one or two melee cooldowns to utilize when you need to get up close and personal.

As well as the ranged attacks and a couple of melee attacks, the Sharpshooter's identity skill is to summon a Hawk. It acts a bit like a pet and requires very little micromanagement. You've got two options: send it in to tickle the enemy, or make it self-destruct.

How does the Sharpshooter play? Well, the class is viable in both PvE and PvP. During Raids your aim is to focus and deal big damage to the boss, whereas in PvP it's your role to kite and deal damage from afar. With a bunch of powerful abilities, a lot of mobility, and a unique playstyle, the Sharpshooter is a lot of fun to play.


  • Ranged damage with a lack of melee attacks is great for Raids as you won't get too close to the boss
  • Lots of mobility helps you survive, especially in PvP Arenas
  • Simple Identity skill makes the Sharpshooter a pretty simple class


  • Squishy - you can't get caught in melee
  • Lack of party buffs and debuffs

Best Sharpshooter Engravings

The Sharpshooter playstyle is largely determined by your choice of class Engraving. Here's a closer look.

Loyal Companion Death Strike
  • Summons the Silverhawk Mark 2. Increases move speed of the Hawk by 2%, AoE radius of +60%, basic attack damage increase of +150%, and the Hawk lasts 100% longer. When enemies are hit by the Hawk all incoming damage to enemies is increased by +12%.
  • Upon activating Last Rush, recover 50% of the Hawk meter. The enemy hit by the ability takes an extra 40% damage for 8 seconds.

Both of these class Engravings are viable, and it really depends on what sort of situation you find yourself in/what sort of build you're going for. On the one hand, you have Death Strike, which focuses on a burst damage build that wants to maintain the extra damage debuff for as long as possible. The Loyal Companion playstyle is basically anti-burst - you don't use the self-destruct and instead want to keep the Hawk summoned for maximum sustained damage.

Both of these class Engravings require a specific build. That includes what other Engravings you run with the class. To keep it simple without diving too much into specific builds (we will have an advanced build guide for the Sharpshooter available at a later date), here's a sample set of recommended Engravings that can work on both class Engraving builds.

Grudge Increases damage by 20% to Boss level or above monsters. Reduces incoming damage from Boss level monsters or above by 20%.
Cursed Doll Increases attack power by 16%. Reduces incoming healing by -25%.
Keen Blunt Weapon +50% crit damage, but regular attacks have a chance to deal less regular damage (-20%).
Adrenaline Slowly stacks crit damage chance over attacks (other than mobile and basic attacks), attack power increases by 1% for 6 seconds (can stack up to 6 times), when it reaches max stack you have an extra 15% chance to crit.

As you can see, there's a focus on critical damage and crit chance for the Sharpshooter. Your builds, Engravings, and general playstyle should rely on dealing maximum crit damage.

Best Sharpshooter Skills

This is a sample set of Sharpshooter skills for a build that uses the Death Strike class Engraving. So think of it as a big burst, high critical damage. We will go into more detail in specific builds for the Sharpshooter when there is a more accurate overview of the NA/EU patch.

Ability Tripod One Tripod Two Tripod Three
Arrow Wave
  • A tornado arrow attack, damage stacks multiple times
Enhanced Arrow
  • Increases critical rate by 40%
Slow Tide
  • Increases the damage of the tornado but decreases its speed - also hits an extra time (80% increased damage)
Wave Streak
  • Changes the ability to a faster attack, increases outgoing damage by 260%, and increases cooldown by 8 seconds.
Atomic Arrow
  • Explosive ranged arrow attack with a mid-level Stagger (knocks foes down)
Amplified Damage
  • When the explosion hits, increases outgoing damage from party members by 6% for 8 seconds.
Moving Slash
  • Mobility - move forward and deal damage simultaneously
Excellent Mobility
  • Increases move distance from 8m to 11m
Blade Storm
  • Throw multiple blades (back attack combat ability)
Silver Master
  • On every third hit, your Identity Hawk meter recovers by +18
Lightning Blade
  • Changes attack element to Lightning. Extra attack with AoE, last attack has its crit damage increased by 330%
Shadow Dance
  • Movement is increased after two turns, leaves behind a copy which continues to attack
Charged Shot
  • A charged attack that deals damage based on the level of charge - any level higher than 1 charge, enemies are knocked back
Quick Prep
  • Cooldown reduced by 8 seconds
Double Shot
  • Shoots 2 arrows simultaneously, increases outgoing damage by 80%
Fast Fire
  • Range increases the more you charge the attack. Damage is always set and the arrow explodes, dealing 66% damage
Sharp Shooter
  • Fires 10 arrows at once with medium Stagger
Vital Point Strike
  • Increases crit rate by 40%
Weak Point Detection
  • Increases damage to Push-Immune enemies by 70%
Focus Shot
  • Same enemy is hit multiple times and increases crit damage by 100%
Deadly Slash
  • Melee attack
Silver Master
  • When you land a hit with this attack it fills your Hawk meter by 45
Sawtooth Blade
  • Applies Bleed, dealing 180 damage every second for 5 seconds
Double Slash
  • Additional attack with 141% of base damage, there is a 20% chance the attack deals 400% damage
  • Aimed ability with a perfect zone - essentially deals a lot of damage if you land the shot
Quick Prep
  • Reduce cooldown by 8 seconds
Weak Point Detection
  • Damage increased to Challenge+ enemies by 72%, 145% for a perfect shot
Easy Prey
  • Increases size of perfect zone, when you land a perfect shot the ability has a crit rate increase of 30% and crit damage increase of 160%

Here's a look at the Sharpshooter's two Awakening skills. These are endgame ultimate abilities, essentially.

  • Fenrir's Messenger - Summons a large Fenrir that deals massive damage over time - release the ability key again to summon a smaller Fenrir that inflicts damage over time.
  • Golden Eye - Summons 4 Golden Hawks that swirl around your character, dealing damage over time. Launches enemy into the air and puts you into stealth mode for a short period - it isn't canceled if you receive damage, and it also lets you move straight through enemies.

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