Twitch streamer xQc recently opened up about an experience he had at a TwitchCon afterparty where he alleges a woman made several inappropriate advances towards him, groped him multiple times, and even chased him as he fled to a bathroom.

As reported by Dextero, xQc spoke about the night live on stream when he returned from TwitchCon 2022, held in San Diego. He explains that he was at a club for an afterparty where a woman made advances on him and was "too touchy." xQc continued, "I go to her ear and I’m like ‘I’m taken’ and she’s laughing and shit. I did that like four times, telling her to back off."

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Despite him telling her to back off, he then claims "I'm just trying to have a good time and chill. I’m talking to Omie and she touches my legs from behind and I’m like ‘yo, I’m taken can you back off? I’m done with this shit.' I'm getting fucking annoyed."

He then says he went to the bathroom to get away from the woman where he bumped into fellow streamer Ludwig. "I freeze up and I asked other people to help me," he says. "I start going to the bathroom because I want to get out."

xQc said, "I’m genuinely upset because I think it’s lame and I hate it. I hate physical touch." He left the afterparty with some other streamers and returned to their shared Airbnb, but started lashing out and "throwing shit around" while he was alone in the living room. "I don't feel like I'm heard at all [or] that people give a fuck," he explained.

He says he eventually got picked up by his friend Omie who took him to his hotel room. xQc said he felt like the woman was a predator and that no one cared, which echoes a sentiment shared by a lot of men with similar stories who feel they aren't taken seriously.

TwitchCon has also been in the news due to a high number of injuries in a shallow foam pit, most seriously, Adriana Chechik breaking her back in two places after an awkward landing.

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