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The Sorceress replaces the summoner as a launch mage class for Lost Ark in the NA/EU regions. She's a high-damage mage with a lot of punchy AoE attacks and a lot of stylish abilities.

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This class overview for the Sorceress covers some basic mechanics and playstyles, as well as a look at the class Engravings, a sample skill build, and a glimpse of the Awakening abilities. This isn't designed as an in-depth build guide but rather an overview to help you make a choice of what class you want to play in Lost Ark.

Sorceress Class Overview

The Sorceress is a powerful mage class in Lost Ark and is likely going to be one of the most popular classes in the game during Lost Ark's launch period. It makes sense - her abilities are punchy (with Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic), look great, and she has a lot of viability in PvE and PvP.

Her kit includes making use of all three different elements, and the different abilities present you with different types of utility. Fire for damage, Lightning for stuns, Ice for slows, etc.

The Sorceress' Identity bar fills as you deal damage. There are two separate skills.

  • Blink/Teleport - This is pretty straightforward. It lets you teleport to your cursor. You will find this useful in both PvE and PvP.
  • Two stages of Amplify Magic and Magic Release, increases your overall damage and cast speed in two separate charges (up to 30% and up to 100%)

We will cover how these, as well as the class Engravings, impact the playstyles for the Sorceress.


  • Potentially huge damage output
  • Two distinct playstyles - heavy burst or more sustained damage
  • High skill ceiling on Ignition playstyle with the reward of massive damage, but generally considered one of the easier classes to play in the game
  • Lots of punchy, cool-looking abilities


  • Squishy
  • Ignition playstyle relies on hitting your abilities
  • You trade out damage for mobility with your Blink

Best Sorceress Engravings

This section takes a look at the two class Engravings for the Sorceress as well as provides a short overview of some of the most popular Engravings for the class.

Engravings will change based on what sort of content you're tackling in Lost Ark and what sort of build you're using. This is just an overview. We will cover specific builds in our Sorceress build guide.

Class Engravings

Both class Engravings directly impact your Identity gauge skills.

Igniter Reflux
  • When you activate Magic Release, your overall cooldown of skills (not Awakening or Movement) is reduced to 50%, Crit rate chance is increased by 25%, and crit damage is increased by 50% during Magic Release phase.
  • Magic Release is no longer usable. Instead, this Engraving provides an overall damage buff of 16% and reduces all cooldowns by 10%

These two Engravings divide the potential playstyles almost right down the middle.

  • First, the Ignition playstyle focuses on dealing huge burst damage with lots of cooldown reduction. This playstyle relies heavily on hitting your damage, as other damage is much lower outside your burst zone. Loads of fun, but much harder to actually hit consistent damage, even if the numbers are massive.
  • Secondly, the Reflux playstyle is basically anti-burst. You can't even use Magic release. This playstyle provides more consistent, sustained damage, with a shorter burst window. Considered easier to play.
  • Other recommended Engravings for the Sorceress include: All-Out Attack, Hit Master, and Precise Dagger.

Best Sorceress Skills

Here we take a look at a sample endgame Sorceress build for around 250 points, essentially the skill point level you'll be when you hit T1 content past level 50. For the purposes of this guide, we've put together an overview of an Ignition build (high burst damage abilities) as it's a powerful build with a lot of damage potential. This build is typically used in Raids, though there are separate builds for the different Class Engravings and the different endgame content.

Ability T1 T2 T3
Blaze Damage Amplification Charge Flame
Frost's Call Enlightenment Unstable Rule
Punishing Strike Mind Enhancement Electric Discharge Magick Amplification
Esoteric Reaction Quick Prep Enhanced Strike Stabilized Crystal
Rime Arrow Enlightenment Piercing Strike
Explosion Ignite Weak Point Detection Magick Amplification
Doomsday Mind Enhancement Asteroid Magick Amplifcation

A brief overview of some of these abilities:

  • Blaze is a very regular, low cooldown ability that (due to the Damage Amplification tripod) provides a consistent damage increase for your whole party.
  • Doomsday and Explosion are your two massive damage dealers. They both take a while to charge up which means you'll want to practice with them for Raids in particular - Dungeons aren't so bad because the mobs tend to group up anyway.
  • The Arcane Rupture gauge allows you to pull off some of the most impressive damage in the game, especially partnered with the Igniter build for massive burst potential.

Awakening Skills For The Sorceress

Like the other classes in the game, the Sorceress has two Awakening skills:

  • Enviska's Might - The build above uses the Enviska's Might Awakening skill, basically a massive, heavy hitting lightning attack that is a staple part of the Sorceress' damage.
  • Apocalypse Call - Apocalypse Call is used more often in Dungeon builds because of its random pattern of explosions (a bunch of meteors fall from the sky.)

We have more information about the best Sorceress builds for Chaos Dungeons and Raids here.

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