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Lost Ark's Paladin is one of two support classes that are available at launch for NA/EU audiences. Using the power of holy magic and a big sword, Paladins smite their opponents and empower their allies with potent boons. PvE groups can all benefit from a good Paladin player, and PvP groups underestimate just how powerful the Paladin can be.

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In this build guide, we'll be going over two builds that will make your Paladin truly shine. One build is a support Paladin for PvP, while the other is a support/damage hybrid for PvP. For those who want a guaranteed spot in endgame raid groups or want to flex their holy magic on other players, these builds are for you.

Blessed Support (PvE)

Why Play This Build?

Become the ultimate support character with this Paladin build. You'll be focusing mostly on your Holy skills to provide a wide range of buffs. Allies will deal more damage, take less damage, recover their MP faster, and you can cleanse debuffs and provide shields when combat gets tough.

To maximize the uptime of your Holy Aura—the Identity skill you'll be using the most—you'll be using a few Punish skills and spec for the Blessed Aura Engraving, allowing you to project a powerful aura around your Paladin quite often. You'll be tanky, fighting alongside your allies, all while granting some of the strongest buffs in Lost Ark. There isn't a single group that wouldn't want a support Paladin by their side.

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Holy Guardian (PvP)

Why Play This Build?

A support class is just as impactful in PvP as in PvE. The Paladin's various buffs and solid movement skills allow it to shine in 3v3 arenas and other forms of group PvP content. It isn't the best in 1v1 PvP for newcomers, but good Paladin players can single-handedly swing a PvP game in their team's favor with smart use of their skills. You'll be able to keep your team alive from a distance, set up deadly combos for your teammates to capitalize on, and you'll deal solid damage as well.

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