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Lost Ark's PvE and PvP activities highly encourage players to create cohesive builds for their class of choice. For Deathblades, creating a good build is rather straightforward albeit time-consuming for PvE. A good Deathblade build can make this class feel incredibly smooth to play, utilizing multiple charged skills with ease to dish out some great damage.

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This guide will be looking at two Deathblade builds—one for PvE and PvP. These builds will help you clear Chaos Dungeons, raids, and Lost Ark's PvP arenas as effectively and stylishly as possible. Each build is quite long, so feel free to jump to the build that interests you by using the table of contents above.

Updated February 5th, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Deathblade is shaping up to be a powerful class once Lost Ark releases for NA and EU regions. This class has the perfect blend of PvE damage and PvP viability, making it a great class for beginners or experienced MMO players that want a flashy, agile class. We've updated the builds in this article with additional information, including Awakening skills and gems (when applicable). We'll add a third build surrounding the Deathblade's Surge Engraving soon after Lost Ark releases.

Remaining Energy (PvE)

Why Play This Build?

Since one of the Deathblade's Engravings is far from great in the western version of Lost Ark, most Deathblades will gravitate towards using Remaining Energy—an Engraving that provides multiple buffs for activating Deathblade Arts. Fortunately, this build is quite strong once you have the right gear.

Remaining Energy builds focus on maximizing the Engraving's uptime by gaining and spending Death Orb energy frequently. You build up your Death Orb meter, activate Deathblade Arts, then proceed to annihilate everything that stands in your way. When one of your orbs is about to expire, unleash a devastating attack that will instantly kill all but the toughest foes, allowing you to repeat the cycle. It's fast, deals great damage, and has some of the most stylish abilities in Lost Ark.

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Death Surge (PvE)

Coming soon.

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Moonlight Steel (PvP)

Why Play This Build?

Unlike its PvE builds, Deathblades can hit the ground running in PvP quite easily. Their mix of stun-immune abilities and high CC potential make the Deathblade class a force to be reckoned with in the hands of a competent player. Combo potential with this class is fairly high, making it an excellent PvP class for all skill levels.

Your skills will grant high mobility, safe means of pushing or avoiding attacks, high damage, and excellent combo potential. If you love playing as a rogue or an agile martial character, this is the build for you.

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